Sweet on…


Ah, Valentine's Day! Once a day about sweethearts and lovers, for me Valentine's Day is now very much about spinning a little magic with my kids.


For us it is a burst of warm love in the midst of our coldest (and seeming longest, despite its 28 days) month. To celebrate we had a sweet morning of heart-shaped mochi (cut with a cookie cutter), pink steamers (colored with this awesome natural food coloring that I special ordered from my coop), and some serious Valentine crafting. 

So what am I sweet on this February 14th?


These crafty hands and their little man (who, at 6, is referring to himself as "a young teenager"),


and these magical bluebird eyes and the magical Bluebird girl they belong to.

There is also my amazing man (the big, grown up one) who I actually got a date with on Saturday!

Life is sweet.

What is making your heart sing?

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  1. Mary Jo, Five Green Acres says:

    I just saw that you are a sponsor on Sew Liberated’s blog. Yahoo! And I have a tin of my very own Postpartum Herbs awaiting their call to action after this little one makes its way into the world. Thanks for taking such good care of us Mommas and Babies.

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