Ah, long awaited spring. 

All winter I dream of the first day that I can walk barefoot through the yard. When I can stand outside, coffee in hand, my face warmed by the morning sun. When I can hang bed sheets on the clothesline and rather than freeze stiff and solid, they flap in the wind. When I can sow some seeds in the garden and watch what springs forth.

These are the little promises of spring. 

What does your world look like this equinox? What dreams are you planting?
Spring Blessings!

One thought on “Spring!

  1. Heather Varco says:

    Hey Rachel,
    Our dreams are of planting a vegetable garden again! This will be the first time since we lived in Wisconsin—oh it is good to be back in the Midwest, where you can smell life each spring! I forgot that you know how to make “kraut” I need your recipe (or should I say directions)! Take care…miss you.

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