I can taste it.

It's coming.

These first days of March are such a gift, reminding us that yes, we have survived the depths of winter, and yes, spring will come again.


When it finally arrives, in all its muddy deliciousness, I am in my bliss.

Our house came complete with off-white wall-to-wall carpeting. We tried to rip it out, but found only sub-flooring beneath. Spring and its associated dirt/mud/sloppy gunk would be challenging to some considering our flooring limitations. I say – bring it on. I hate the carpet anyway, and one more stain just means one more reason to rip out out someday.

My kids frolic, lay, roll, sniff, massage, consume, and otherwise experience each season in its full glory. Spring and her mud are no exception. I am looking forward to spring's magic in our yard (and yes, even on our floors if it means we've made it through winter). 


But spring isn't here just yet.

With what remains of this season, I plan to knit a few more slippers, hats, and maybe a baby sweater. We expect to burn through the last of our woodpile by the end of March (five cribs of wood have dwindled down to one). The maple sap is up this week, so we'll be tapping tomorrow. And we're enjoying the adventure of finding many treasures beneath the shrinking snow, long forgotten since winter arrived. Treasures like mittens. Toys. And yes, and that aforementioned mud.


Enjoy the last breath of winter as Spring slowly warms our souls.


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