Simple magic.

It has been a busy week. When I am working hard, focused on so many important tasks that call for my attention, it is vital for me to check in with what really matters in my life.

What about you? I encourage you to look today for the simple everyday magic that makes your heart swell. Really. Give it a tiny bit of your attention, an see how your day transforms.


Find it in the eyes of a loved one and the emotions you feel when you truly see them – their spirit, their essence, their heart. Or in a fiercely determined spring flower wriggling up through the hard, cold earth during this slow spring start. Or, perhaps in a quiet moment alone.

For me, when I catch my breath and look away from the "to do" list – if even for a moment – I see what my life is truly made of. Wee bits of simple, beautiful magic woven throughout my day.

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