The Cabin: there and back again.

I know. It's been a while.

We are working harder than ever over here (though from the photos below you wouldn't know it) and I haven't made time to post.

Since I last wrote we've been to the Energy Fair in Central Wisconsin (and met several of you there!), our favorite show of the year. An awesome event to connect, talk soap, and see old friends. After the Fair we were off to the cabin in the Northwoods. We kicked off our collective shoes, napped, relaxed, and played in the river.

And just like last summer, it was so magical that we decided we had to come back again this year. Two trips in one summer. Madness. Delicious madness.


And so this is where you will find my feet (and my knitting) once more in exactly three days. Riverside in the hammock, smiling and knitting or smiling and sleeping.


Our shoes will come off again, and layer by layer so will our worries and stresses of the day to day.


On our "Cabin To Do" list? Connect. Nap. Breathe. Swim. Swim. Swim. (And repeat.)


And then eat s'more s'mores.

Delicious plans…

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