Non-Violent Communication.

We have been blessed to have stumbled into the magical realm of Non-Violent Communication recently. (Thank you, friend Emma!) I've mentioned it before in this post and although we're just beginning to learn the first steps to communication from a place of understanding needs and seeking connection, we have seen its power in our home and our relationships.

Several months ago we began receiving an NVC parenting newsletter, free of charge via email. It has been inspiring and motivating. Here is a sample from today's in-box:

Compassionate Parenting Tip – Week 34


Ninety-five percent of what we learn is through modeling, only five percent through instruction.

Your children learn most of all by what you are living. Make a list of three values you hold dear. For each value, write down one action you can take today to express that value. Make a request of yourself to do those three things today.

I wanted to share the link so that you can enjoy the newsletters as well. They have been truly transformational for our family. Follow these links to sign up for the Compassionate Parenting Tip series or the Living Compassion Weekly tip. Amazing stuff.

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