On Ice.


Viroqua is a hockey crazy, ice skating crazy place. For being a town of a mere 4000 people, we have an awesome indoor ice arena which opened for the season late last month. While we are not a hockey family, we are a skating family. The Ice Arena is a blessing in the early and late season when outdoor ice is inconsistent.


Our homeschool cooperative schedules a day on the ice every two weeks and last week was our first skate. Sage was comfortable starting slow (I smiled to see him packing a helmet in the car with his skates) but in no time he was in his bliss, flying around the ice.


And Lupine? After boot skating last year, Lulu was ready for double blades this season. Thought she spend much of her time like this:


Or wrapped around me like this:


she pretty much laughed and smiled he was through the morning. Happy wintery days to you all.

One thought on “On Ice.

  1. Annie says:

    Looks like so much fun. We went skating the other day and it was a tad more… messy should we say? Ha. The rentals were so dull and the children’s bars kept falling over but a good time was had despite it all. Those skates with two blades are great!

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