Cabin Week in Review


We're catching up on work, laundry, and the other tasks of being home. I think we're a week behind in most aspects of our life, but it was worth it.


After this week I am wondering why we so rarely go Up North in the winter. Our nearly-full-week there was incredible. Part crafty, part nature-y, part foodie; all restful, rejuvenating, and laughter-filled.


The cabin, built by my grandfather and great-grandfather, was originally without running water, refrigeration, and plumbing. These luxuries – and a furnace – have since been added, but the cabin retains its former spirit with a huge stone fireplace built by my grandpa and an abundance of hunting memories (read: dead things).


It sits just feet from the Wolf River, where the kids play endlessly when we visit in the summer. Winter proved to be no different.


Two good friends joined us at the cabin which is always a treat, and the kids each fell in love (again) with this pair.  Nothing like the inspiration of people living a good, authentic life to inspire change in my own.

To keep this post from being too long I am going to break the week down over the next few days with photos and stories. Enjoy!



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