Making Wool Fingerpuppets.


My kids love putting on puppet shows. Today they started plans for their spring puppet show. Lupine requested a sun ("With beams sticking out all over").

As I stitched if for her, Sage offered this idea: "When she rises the sun up I will take a white silk that is lying on the table and slowly, slowly pull it away as the snow melts in the spring." (Or as my heart melts when his creativity goes beyond new designs for machine guns.)


He got into the process of designing and sewing his own puppets and focused for long periods of time on the project. He worked through frustrations and design challenges to create this:



And his self-satisfaction was evident in the sparkle of his eyes upon finishing his first puppet. One of the blessings I find in homeschooling is seeing that sparkle throughout our days, happening right here.


Lupine was happy to dictate color, placement, and design and then sit in my lap as she put me to work.

There are still more puppets to make before the big show. Lupine is requesting the appearance of a "huge pink strawberry" so we're all trying to work that into the plot. There is also a child in a tree that is in Sage's version of the story. Standby for updates as the plot develops…

Tomorrow I'll have tips on how to get your kids making things. Every kid is a creative kid. We just need to nudge them in the right direction.

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  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Sarita,
    You could friend me (Rachel Jepson Wolf) and then you would see the updates. Otherwise I only have a page set up for LuSa Organics, the body care branch of my life. I rarely/occasionally post blog updates there.


  2. denise says:

    I don’t often post craft projects anymore…did them so often I started feeling pressure to post ‘projects’ for people to follow rather than posting life lived, so I stopped. ;D But some day!

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