Safe Babywearing Celebration

There are few things I get as passionate about as discussing as parenting. I love being a mama. I love talking about birth, children, parenting, and the nuances of how-we-do-it-around-here.

One aspect of being a parent that has been nothing short of an absolute joy is my choice to wear my babies. Babywearing is so simple, and yet so powerful. It has changed my life.


Only recently has Lupine truly moved out of arms and requested that I pick up a stroller to cruise her around town in. I obliged, and we're happy to roll around on our errands now, but truth be told I miss the closeness of her on my back or chest, snuggled in close as we talk and connect throughout our travels.


There has been some unfortunate news about babywearing safety recently. The truth remains that babywearing is an ancient, traditional parenting practice – like breastfeeding and cosleeping. And like cosleeping when done properly baby wearing is inherently safe.

To help us refocus on the connection, health, joy, and ease that comes from wearing our little ones, I am hosting a Safe Babywearing Celebration in April (April 12 – 16). We'll discuss safe babywearing, carriers, different positions/holds, share stories, and I'll host plenty of babywearing and baby carrier giveaways. The week will be sponsored by some wonderful folks donating their carriers and resources (including Ergo, Moby Wrap, and Tummy 2 Tummy with more coming on board everyday).

Bring all of your friends. I can hardly wait!

Edited: Baby K'tan and Kangaroo Korner are now on board as well. Thanks to all sponsors.

20 thoughts on “Safe Babywearing Celebration

  1. Lindsay says:

    Oh Im so excited! I loved wearing my baby, but then he was so on the move, he didnt want it anymore, until recently. I have a hotsling….i’m not that impressed, but it works. I recently came across the Moby wrap and knew thats what i wanted for baby number 2 (who has yet to be conceived, haha) I am very excited and looking forward to reading all about it!

  2. Casey says:

    Babywearing is such an important part of so many lives. I’m blessed to still be able to wear both my kids, but I know my days are numbered with my oldest and I’ll miss it terribly. Good for you for spreading the word about such a beautiful and beneficial practice.

  3. Sarita says:

    I love love LOVE wearing my son. He is 34 months and he will still get into the ergo sometimes. I too will miss the closeness and warmth, bonding time we have together when he stops wanting to use it. But right now I still nurse him in the ergo when we are out and about and moving, i love it. I used a wrap when he was a newborn, then a ring sling, my favourite baby carrier because of all the possible positions. and now the ergo.
    look forward to the “Safe Baby Wearing Celebration”!

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    You have the same three favorite carriers as me! I was all about the Moby when she was small, the ring sling for middle-of-the-night snuggles to sleep and bedtime, and the ergo for all the rest. My son (age 7 1/2) recently said Mama, I wish I could still ride in my sling. Im making it into a quilt for him so he can always be held in that love.

    ~ Rachel

  5. Denise says:

    Yo mama – fun stuff indeed! Lately the only thing that has been helping Amara cope with her very first emerging teeth is being worn – she especially LOVES the sling and it’s made meals extra easy just having her sitting there snug in on my hip – easy for her and me – yeah I can actually EAT at the table with everyone else! : ) I’d be happy to donate one of my linen slings if you’re interested. In fact I may even be able to include a matching doll sling.

  6. denise says:

    Very cool. Babywearing was the best thing ever for my high need child.

    This is all online, right? I posted to Moms in Madison to share the link with lots of Wisconsin moms…was asked if it was virtual or in real life. 😉

  7. Anna says:

    Very exciting – I have the same ‘big three’ carriers! I purchased 5 yards of fabric for my wrap (and am trying to get it back from a friend I lent it to in time for our new arrival in a month!), a sling for when my little guy wanted to sit up and see a little more, and an ergo for riding on my back outside and while running errands. The wrap is really the one that needs more press – I’ve been able to turn at least three of my friends into babywearers with the promise of ‘hands free’ snuggling, especially when having their second children.

  8. Grace says:

    How exciting. I have a 17 month old and I used an ergo, woven wrap and mei tai with her and in 8 weeks when bub #2 is born I intend on wearing her also. I would love the chance to win some of carriers I am not familiar with. Great idea!

  9. Rachel Wolf says:

    I agree on the wraps. I did not know about them when my first was born but when Lupine was small it was vital. Along with Booty Balm its my standard baby gift.
    ~ Rachel

  10. Rachel Wolf says:

    And with two little ones you can even wear them both at once! (A big baby on your back and a small baby on your front). Blessings. Check back later this month for lots of great ideas.
    ~ Rachel

  11. Kendra says:

    How ’bout a shout out to the importance of babywearing for the papas out there! My husband loved wearing our son in the Moby when he was really little and still loves wearing him in the Ergo now that he is more of a rugrat. I think the Moby made up for the slight that hubs felt for not being able to nurse (we had some epic nursing sessions back in the day). What a great way to get some snuggle time!

  12. Rachel Wolf says:

    Heck yeah, Kendra! I just wrote somthing that will post tomorrow that talks about dads as well. I agree so much. Thanks for keeping me on track. 🙂 We joked that when Pete was wearing Lulu in the Moby when she was tiny that it was his chance at a big pregnant mama belly. Thanks for sharing your story!

    ~ Rachel

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