Call for Submissions: Your Babywearing Stories; Your Babywearing Photos.

Update April 12,2010: The Babywearing Celebration is now going on. Go here to see the latest posts, read stories, and enter your name for the giveaways.

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We're hosting a Babywearing Celebration. Every day during the week of April 12 we'll have a safe, comfortable carrier or two to give away (see list at bottom of post) plus other babywearing resources. To you! Just for popping by.

We will also be posting five reader stories, (or poems, prose, essays, haiku, etc.) on Clean. Stories that illuminate the simple magic of wearing your little one. What it means to you – or to them.

Was babywearing an important part of your journey in becoming a mother or father?

Did it affect your experience as a grandparent, nanny, aunt, or uncle?

Did wearing your little one ease a painful time or allow you a joyful adventure?

What did you see in the child you wore that spoke to your heart? 

Has babywearing changed your life?

Share your story. Inspire us. The five selected essays will be published on Clean the week of April 12 and the author will receive a $25 LuSa Organics gift certificate. Oh, and fame and glory. Plenty of fame and glory. I have no requirement on length or style. Bring it on in whatever way inspires you. To submit your story email it to: rachel <at> lusaorganics <dot> com. Deadline is April 9th. Deadline extended to April 11th, 12pm CST! Reader submissions are now closed.

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And photos! Sweet babywearing photos.

I expect ya'll are getting tired of seeing Lupine and I allover this blog by now. I want your photos! They needn't be professional. Just photos of ordinary people wearing their kids. Upload them to our flickr page and I'll begin sharing them throughout the month of April here on Clean (or send them via email to rachel <at> lusaorganics <dot> com.) (If the photo is not of you and your child, please get permission before submitting.)

Edited: For more up-to-date information (including a schedule for giveaways) go here.

Thanks everyone for the great response the babywearing celebration is receiving. I can't wait to read and share your stories. So far we have the following giveaways lined up:

Mothering Magazine subscription,

3 copies of Babywearing 101,


Moby Wrap,

Ergo Baby Carrier,

Baby K'tan,


five copies of Tummy 2 Tummy babywearing DVD,

a carrier from Kangaroo Korner,

a carrier from Happy Bambino,

and a mama made sling/toddler doll sling set. With lots more to come!

Please spread the word via your Twitter account, Facebook page, blog, website, or mama's group. And thanks!

12 thoughts on “Call for Submissions: Your Babywearing Stories; Your Babywearing Photos.

  1. Sommer says:

    I can’t imagine not wearing my 8 week old. It’s the most natural extension of heart to stay so close. Thanks for hosting this conversation!

  2. Jami Delgado says:

    So bummed I didn’t see this on time! I have some great things I would have loved to submit. I have been babywearing since 2004. Babywearing has completely changed me as a mother. It’s inspired me to become a babywearing advocate, and eventually I started a site devoted to babywearing videos at and also more recently created a babywearing cartoon called Slingers at I love your celebration!! What an inspiring week.

  3. TT says:

    Me too-bummed I didn’t get to this on time. I started babywearing with my first back in 2004 when all I had was an old corderoy snuggly of my Mum’s. I’ve carried all three babies-sometimes two at a time, one on front one on back. babywearing kept me sane-I could make some tea or go for a walk and everyone was happy. Its a way to know what they need-to feed or sleep or snuggle and to make them feel safe and peaceful-what a gift to be able to give.

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