The Seven Year Change.


There is allot of talk about the "Seven Year Change" in Waldorf
education. I didn't fully understand it when Sage was small (and perhaps still don't) but
I've come to understand it as the transition from the dreamy mind of
the young child to the more focused mind of the older child.

From a
play world to one of the child's work.

There are so many changes that have come to Sage in the past year. Some challenging, many magical. I've received several emails recently addressing the topic of violent play, which in our world really emerged in earnest at 6 1/2. (I'll discuss this in a future post.) But the most profound change has been that of "work".


Sage (who once focused like most little ones for just a few minutes on
a project) now creates elaborate work scenes. The sequence here is a sand
manufacturing station that he set up on the back steps. He worked there
for nearly an hour, pounding, triple filtering, quality-checking.


The lives of our kids are ever-changing. It is such magic to tune into the subtleties of their development and watch who they are becoming.

What changes are you seeing in your own family?

8 thoughts on “The Seven Year Change.

  1. Hebejeeby says:

    what a lovely post! my boy seems is obsessed with football (soccer) but still fnds the time for constant cuddles – although not so much in front of his friends any more – I need to work on that! if that’s growing up – I’m not interested!!

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    My son has not yet discovered sports (at all really) but has changed in so many other ways. The cuddling in front of parents – I remember vividly the first time I wouldnt give my mom a kiss goodbye because someone was watching. Sage hasnt hit that phase yet (thank goodness!)


  3. sarah says:

    lovely thoughts! watching children grow over the years is a beautiful thing.

    i’ve been watching the change in my five and half year old daughter, who has grown from a fearful child into someone who feels confidant enough in herself to run ahead and relishes in the feeling of the wind in her hair. right now, to me, she embodies “the magic of childhood” — burgeoning independence, but not yet affected by the world.

  4. Peggy says:

    I appreciate reading and having dialog on this topic (my son will be turning 7 in June…) If you’re interested, I’ve also been posting on the same subject…

  5. Saminda Fern says:

    I have just had the most wonderful time looking through all your babywearing posts – what precious pictures! I too have carried all 3 of my babes and looking at those pictures has made me oh so clucky! 🙂
    Just wanted to say that my daughter is 7 and a half, and yes – such changes I am seeing in her. Hard to put my foot on it exactly…. just real growing up. More selfless, more focused, more interested in the adult world. I love her!
    You have a beautiful blog. 🙂
    Blessings, Saminda

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