A Boyish New Sunhat.

A friend of Sage and Lupine's was visiting a few days ago. As she look at one of Lupine's many mama-made treasures she asked, "Rachel, do you ever sew anything for Sage?"


What a great reminder for me to craft for both of my kids. When Sage was small I wasn't feeling very crafty. Overwhelmed? Yes. Crafty? No. I made him small projects here and there: shorts, bean bags, a hooded bath towel, a mouse Halloween costume, a doll. But that's pretty much the sum total of my sewing for this boy before Lulu arrived.

After she was born the crafty bug bit and the sewing machine hasn't stopped. I've sewn and knitted for them both, but she's smaller (and growing faster) and, well, she's a girl. Girlie stuff is easy for me. It's sweet. Its sparkly. It's fun. Boy stuff (in our house anyway) is more… neutral. Or it has handcuffs and pistols on it. And that's really not my gig.



But my boy needed a new sunhat and he hates
hats with full brims. So he and I sketched up a pattern for this hat based on
his likes. (When I make it again I'll shorten the crown by an inch or two. Otherwise I
think it turned out well.)

What does Sage think? He loves it. You see, the color and the shape… well, it's a little bit army to him. This gorgeous linen purchased by a pacifist. It's army.

Hmm. Army. Right.

And I think I'm okay with that. almost okay with that.


If you'd like a pattern let me know. I'd be happy to work up a tutorial if anyone is interested!

One final bit of news, we're draw the winner for the Continuum Family giveaway. Respectful Parents Respectful Kids goes to Michele who said:

This sounds like a great book to keep on hand.Keeping my fingers crossed! 

Congratulations, Michele and thanks again to Continuum Family for sponsoring.

19 thoughts on “A Boyish New Sunhat.

  1. Joey R says:

    I must have that hat!!! I’ve been looking for a pattern for a cute summer hat that protects my face from the sun. A tutorial would be fantastic.

  2. Emmy says:

    What a great hat! If you do a tutorial, I’d miniaturize it and give it a try it. I agree girl stuff is easier for me too. Baby boy stuff is particularly hard for me. I’ve only been able to knit for him as a baby. I hoping sewing comes easier as my guy gets older.

  3. Madcap says:

    I think most boys tend towards a very “pro-active” world view, and the longer I live with one, and the longer I study Chinese medicine and the principle of yin/yang, the more I’m convinced that most (not all) boys/men tend to the yang end of things. So every stick is a sword/gun for a few years. And I’m okay with that. It’s part of what is. My son at 12 is still very much inclined that way, but also very sensitive to social-justice issues. It’s an interesting combination.

    Btw, I got my order yesterday – the subtle smells of patchouli and lemongrass are twining up my nose from my hands even as I type. It’s WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for formulating great products.

  4. denise says:

    I know what you mean. When my boys were younger there were more things to make that were quick/cute … bean bags, finger puppets, bath towels, etc. They are bigger now and I don’t get that bug for sewing as much, although they are always asking me to sew some creation or another for them (many not logistically possible – ha!).

    Boy hat looks really nice. I have been looking for a hat for my ‘won’t cut off his super thick long dark hot hair’ kid for the summer. Hats make him so hot but he likes having eyes/face shaded. A pattern would be great.

  5. tammy olson says:

    awesome hat! i think the brim size is great. my sewing passion started after my second one ( a girl) was born too, but i’d have to say i’ve sewn more things for fischer, my boy. he’s always asking me to sew things for him, costumes, bags, stuffed animals. i do have some dresses/skirts on my list for amelia though. i would definitely sew a hat like that for fischer if you have a tutorial. by the way, fischer loves making swords and guns out of anything he can find, i just can’t fight it.

  6. Queen of the Butterfly Ball says:

    I realize that I’m a bit late posting a reply… but I just discovered your blog this morning:-) I have three boys that I would love to make this hat for. If you could, please, oh please, post a tutorial for this adorable hat, my kiddos would be thrilled! And I would be a very thankful mama!!!

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