Freezer Paper Stencil.


By now I'm guessing you've heard about freezer paper stenciling. It's a quick, simple, affordable way to screen a few shirts, bags, or anything you can think of. I got crafty this week and threw together a stencil and made myself some LuSa shirts. It was so much fun!


I wrote a tutorial for an upcoming issue of the Saponifier Magazine so I can't spill the beans and share my full instructions yet, but here's a sneak preview. If you'd like a full tutorial from me I'll happily share one after the issue comes out. Otherwise a quick google search will yield some good info as well.

One beautiful discovery I made was that you can indeed reuse your stencil! Two, three, even four impressions can be made from one screen if you are careful when you peel it off.



Imagine what you can make! Birthday shirts for little ones (perhaps just a big number in a big circle), a tee stating your super powers, gender ID shirts for those long haired boys (Sage had two – one that read "Wise Guy" and one that simply said "BOY."), "Who owns organic?" shopping bags… endless possibilities.


This photo taken a couple of years ago is my first effort at freezer paper stenciling: a wind turbine and the words "Yes we can." across the bottom. (It was my election day shirt. Shamelessly political.) And the one below? One of my new LuSa shirts. (Shamelessly self-promoting.)


What will yours be?

9 thoughts on “Freezer Paper Stencil.

  1. Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama says:

    I’ve stumbled across tutorials for freezer paper stenciling in the past, and I’m eager to try it out! I want to make my son a Beatles t-shirt — just the band name. I’ve seen them in stores (Target I think?), but they’re about $30 for a toddler’s shirt…which just seems ridiculous!

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    I’d love to see what you create! Using a second hand shirt or one you already have this project could easily come in under $5 with materials left over.

  3. Danielle says:

    Love freezer paper stenciling!

    I just did it last week with my 14-month old. Will be writing up a tutorial of my own for how to make a Father’s Day shirt with your (very) little ones. Soon, I hope.

    Love it!

  4. Emmy says:

    Your shirt looks great! Such crisp lines. I’m working on a slew of stenciled and hand sewn reverse appliqued tees featuring my parents’ farm.

  5. Kate says:

    I have been making these and love them- just painted some 45 minutes ago. I have been wanting to do letters, but wasn’t sure if they would turn out and haven’t cut out what I set out to. Yours look great, now back to my stencils. thanks for the word inspiration.

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