In Appreciation of Quiet.


Lupine is an amazing spirit. She is strong. Wise. Opinionated. Hilarious. And, um, often extremely loud. She has found her voice and found a way to be heard among the play of children much older than her. She yells. She talks big. She screams. She puts on a good show. This child is larger than life.

But as i looked through my photos from our recent trip to Minneapolis I notices an amusing/telling theme:







We live in a quiet world.

Lupine's reality only contains one loud thing: herself. And being in the city among trains and buses and sirens and horns and traffic and drums – it was all a little much for her small ears.

Since we came home to our little house on this quiet street in this sleepy town I have only seen her cover her ears once: when I was reading a story that she suspected was taking a questionable turn. 

Our wold is safe, quiet, and secure. She is blessed to be the loudest part of her own world.

20 thoughts on “In Appreciation of Quiet.

  1. tammy olson says:

    Hi rachel,
    i found your blog through banners list. i really enjoy your style of writing. we live here in town too, i haven’t met you or your family but we’ve probably seen each other around town or at the coop. I have a 2 1/2 y/o girl, amelia and a 5 y/o boy named fischer. what a sweet post. sometimes even in town here it seems a little loud!

  2. debra says:

    i have a loud one too – she is often the loudest child at the park, but i notice it most when we are inside someone else’s house, of course…but she will also be the first to need to leave a restaurant or an event because it is too loud, too much for her…interesting…i remember someone saying that children don’t always think of themselves as small people, they are wired to live as the BIG SPIRITS that they are, and my challenge is to refrain from constantly dampening that, trying to make her smaller, quieter…

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    I just peeked at your blog – your art is wonderful! If you ever want to barter for soap/LuSa Baby product let me know. I am game! Where in town are you? Were near Pleasant Ridge. Good to know you are out there. Say hello if you see me at the coop or the park.


  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    So true! I tend to be a loud-talker (when I am excited, or so my family has told me), but sound sensitive. But I dont have anything on my girl. They are our magical spirits.

  5. caitlin says:

    My son is this same way. We live such a quiet life that he just cannot handle noise unless it his own (or his baby brother’s…) We are going to visit family this next week and I am curious to see what he makes of his 13 cousins! AH!

    Cute that Lupine covered her ears during a tense book moment. I feel that way about scary movies!

  6. Anon says:

    Amen. We live in the city here in Sydney Australia and my precious 11 week old is certainly NOT the loudest thing in her world… it sometimes makes me a litte sad that she can’t hear even the birds chirping over the traffic noise on our walks. Thanks for your beutiful post today…it has set the wheels of change a turning inside me!!

  7. tammy olson says:

    hi rachel,
    we are on east ave, about 4 houses down from the flea market, we bought the elfrinks house, i don’t know if you knew them? hope to see you around. have a happy mother’s day!

  8. Kate says:

    If you’re headed to the Cities again, I highly recommend the scenic route (Hwy 61) with a stop at Lark Toys. They have a hand-carved carousel and make their own wooden toys!

  9. denise says:

    I have a son that covers his ears and doesn’t much like city/crowds/motors/music when it is too loud either. We like our quiet home life (but for some spunky dance parties in the living room, of course), playing outside, wandering in the woods, and always prefer quiet/empty spots.

  10. angela says:

    I know what you mean, my little girl hates to be in loud places-places I never even thought of as loud, until she starts to get uncomfortable- then I’m aware of the volume difference to our quiet place- it makes me feel so lucky to have a peaceful home!

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