We are still traveling today (and therefore photo free for now until I get home to upload my pics). We decided to extend out trip to the Twin Cities for an extra day to have some time here as a family – together. We're all looking forward to it! I'll be back in full swing tomorrow and the week will bring the promised recipes for ramps as well as some great stories and photos from our city weekend.

I received an email from A Toy Garden owner and founder, Sonya with a coupon code for you. She also chimed in on your awesome comments dialogue, and mentioned some thoughts on affordability. I wanted to share her words, so her note is below. See you all tomorrow!



Hi Rachel,

Great post and great discussion afterward, you have a great and vocal following – how fun.

Here’s a coupon to offer your readers: Use Coupon Code "Lusaorganics5off" for $5 off your order over $25.00. Good through 6/30/2010.

Please do remind your readers that we have hundreds of beautiful handmade cloth and wooden toys under $20. So, it is not always more expensive to buy a quality handmade toy instead of a mass manufactured toy. It really isn’t. And often, less is more. A simple toy (maybe just one or two Kinderkram animals) can give pleasure for years where sometimes large sets with lots of pieces overwhelm a child (and the family).

Thanks again,


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