Around Here

Its only Tuesday. But so far this week we have found ourselves busy with the joyful doing of late spring. We're making music, gardening, dancing in the rain, enjoying dinners and play dates with friends, and baking treats (seven-year-old Sager-no-recipe-style).

The highlight of the week so far was a quiet paddle down the Kickapoo River yesterday. We delighted in the magic of the forest and the water, and especially the birds we were blessed by: eagles, herons, wood duck ducklings, hawks, and dozens of songbirds – all within a few feet of our wide eyes and gaping jaws.

I love this place and this life. Feeling blessed this morning for the richness of the week. What's on your list before the weekend?








4 thoughts on “Around Here

  1. Michelle says:

    That fern! *sigh* I grew up in WI (Oshkosh) and paddled down the Kickapoo many times. We live in FL temporarily (for school) but can’t wait to move back. I’d love to end up in SW Wisconsin, it just feels like home to me!

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