Rainy Day Activities.

It has been raining here almost every day for weeks. Quick rains, gentle rains, fierce rains, long-hard rains. Walking across the lawn barefoot I find water squeezing up between my toes.

Because of this we've found ourselves doing more kitchen-table-crafting than we normally do in June. Its been sweet, really. Though my garden is starting to resemble a jungle instead of a productive veggie patch.



Our saving grace during the last two storms has been the amazing package we received from Stubby Pencil Studio
this week. Packed with paints and markers and pencils and crafts that
are so delicious it is blowing my mind. (Watch for our giveaway from
them coming up soon!)

If the rains return this week we have some projects on the ready. Here is a preview:

We've had a secret plan in the works for these wooden cubes. I'll share what we make after the next deludge.



We've been saving our beer bottle caps
for a long time. We have some great projects in the works with these
already. The possibilities are limitless with simple free components
like these.


I'm always inspired by what other folks are creating too. Here are two projects on our list from the web:


This sweet gnome Celebration Ring from Mothering with Rhythm and Rhyme made me smile the first time I saw it. So simple and so adorable! 


I've been meaning to paint up some of these garden sticks from Sweet Things for a long time. Since we don't find ourselves in the garden much when its raining, we could at
least be working on a garden project while we wait for the clouds to
clear. Aren't they lovely?

What are you inspired by these summer days? Feel free to share a link to recent projects you've completed or plans in the works in your home.

10 thoughts on “Rainy Day Activities.

  1. Casey Umhoefer says:

    Great ideas! We too are feeling the effects of being cooped up inside…we’ve done some cooking/baking, made blanket forts, had a movie popcorn picnic, reggae dance parties…

    Rainy days are hard but they can be fun, too! Those art supplies look AWESOME, and I can’t wait to see what you do with those blocks!

  2. debra says:

    ok, garden sticks have made our list too…along with your bubble wands and i’ve got hula hoop supplies on my shopping list…
    we had a great time a few years back making a shaker out of bottle caps: we hammered them flat (totally fun), hammered a nail hole in each of them, and strung them on wire wrapped around a “Y” stick we found. we did a couple rows of the caps and it makes a GREAT shaker, like those they use in Ethiopia (i think it’s called a sistrum?).

  3. Crystal @ Semi-Crunchy Mama says:

    Love the idea of garden sticks! I’m going to file that idea away for our next rainy day. We made new plant markers for the garden recently (our old ones were so faded that they were pretty much unreadable) and I’ve gathered all the supplies to make a scarecrow. Hopefully if tomorrow goes as planned, we’ll get that assembled!

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    Homemade game pieces for kid-created games, matching games (concentration style), magnets, shakers (as described in the comment above), alphabet coins, magical sparkly play money… is that a good start?
    ~ Rachel

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