Big Dreams.



Have you ever been so dialed in to something that you want that think about it night and day? An obsession where you can only imagine this dream coming together and you can't even conceive of any obstacles lying in your path? Like it is already there – already done. It's just waiting for you to show up and make it yours.

Pete and I are in that place right now. I'd even say the kids are there too. (Its easier for them, after all. They believe in magic and dreams without reservations.)


Pete and I never meant to live in town. We've been together for
sixteen years and aside from our current home (where we've lived for almost four years) we have only spent three years in town. We are country people, living in a ranch house in town.

Our business is growing fast and it has outgrown the space we have for it in our current location. So we've started looking for a new place for the business, and a new place for our family. We've re-started our dreams.

And every single one of us is ready to get back to the land. Now that the embers of this dream have been fanned it is almost all we can talk or think about.

That's pretty powerful.

We spent yesterday out and about, dreaming and planning and exploring the countryside. And it felt so good. To make plans for acres of gardens, herbs, and flowers. To dream of sheep, chickens, and bees. To make plans to raise the raw materials our business needs to thrive, the food for our table, and a surplus to get us through the winter.


So I guess today I am thinking about dreams of all sizes, about manifestation, about getting what we want in this life and living an experience of presence and joy in every minute. I'm all for that. Each of us has a dream that's just below the surface. What will happen if you let it come up for air? If you feed it and nurture it and live like it is Truth?

I think it would be self-fulfilling and before you know it that truth would be there in your everyday. That's what I'm counting on anyway.


27 thoughts on “Big Dreams.

  1. Josie Marsh says:

    Reading your story about your husband joining you in your business and helping out with the kids got me to dreaming about having mine do the same… but he’s not ready to hop aboard my dream. I do know what you mean though about that feeling of embracing your dream and getting swept up by it, even if only for a while. Good luck with your next change- I can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. Jordan says:

    We are at that point in our lives too…need a country home. Being in LaFarge this weekend really solidified that…BEAUTIFUL
    ! We are considering a strawbale house too:) Good luck to you guys!

  3. lisset says:

    Both today’s and yesterday’s posts really resonate with me. First, we too are the odd bunch in either of our families and while we love them dearly, it is sometimes hard to have beliefs and philosophies questioned. That’s why I love being home so much- even if it is another rental on our journey to my husband finishing his PhD and getting to settle wherever we please. Being with my little brood is like a haven for me and it feels so, so good to know that my husband and I are true partners in parenthood, environmentalism, and life. And as for this post, I’ve got a whole store of dreams just waiting to be hatched. Hope your comes true soon!

  4. susie says:

    Dreams do come true…it can happen to you…I love this post. I am a Big Dreamer and have had many come true. It is always a wonderful feeling and makes one move forward to the next best thing. I wish you all the strength you will need to fulfill this Big Dream!

  5. Flo says:

    a magical place that is. With pure hearts and big dreams such as yours… what is impossible? We’ll be watching from a distance and cheering you on.

  6. Cassandra says:

    Thanks for reminding me that the dream I have brewing (and have been working on for a while) can be mine if I believe in it enough!!

  7. Jodi Anderson says:

    Beautiful sentiments to which I can relate. I grew up entirely in the country. I’ve been married 20 years, and we’ve lived in a village or town for about eight.

    It kills me.

    I’m fortunate that it is a village full of trees and a short walk to the river or the woods, but still… I need the privacy and wonder of the country again.

    Here’s to making dreams happen!

  8. caitlin says:

    Here’s to your dreams coming true! Country living…refreshing! Makes you want to take a big deep breath!

    We too are in the midst of dreaming, so I could really relate to this post. We are not where we want to be in the long term for our family, so we feel a change a comin’. When? That still remains to be seen.

    Here’s hoping to sooner rather than later for you!

  9. MaeKellan says:

    What a lovely post, I hope you find the perfect place for your family. We would love to own our own property but we are living the dream on a farming property that my husband works on. Its a beautiful lifestyle and I would be happy to live here forever!

  10. Rachel Wolf says:

    I think part of the fun is waiting for a moment as you each embrace your own dreams and the watch as they synthesize into something that neither of you dreamed of but that is perfect for all.

    Happy dreaming,


  11. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. I am definitely the odd duck in my family, and sometimes it is hard to roll with it when there are those moments when they all think your version of sanity is absolutely nuts. Enjoy the journey to all of your dreams coming to fruition.


  12. Rachel Wolf says:

    Isnt it funny how we let them get sidelined now and then? We get caught up in the day-to-day and forget to keep our eyes on the road and point in the direction of our bliss. Happy dreaming,

  13. Rachel Wolf says:

    Jodi A,
    We can hear cows and coyotes from our backyard… but it isnt the same. The stars, the view, the privacy, the lifestyle. It is so different. I keep saying that I just want to hang the laundry up naked. But thats not it – its the whole package of what it means to marry yourself to the land.


  14. Susanne says:

    I was working in my container garden today and was frustrated by the lack of land that I have to plant in and couldn’t help but fantasize about having lots of space for all of my favorite vegetables. Beets just don’t grow the same in containers – they come out really tiny. Baby beets! And my cucumbers don’t really know where to send their runners. The country sounds good to me. Let me know if there’s room for a family health nurse practitioner out there!

  15. Rachel Wolf says:

    Pete and I just had a conversation last night and we were discussing how amazing it would be if we ended up connecting with some like-minded people to buy land with. 🙂 Keep the dream alive.


  16. kathy says:

    This post and the comments make me sigh with longing and the comfort of kindred spirits. If I type any more than this, there will be some big tears rolling down my cheeks in no time.

    Thank you all for being honest and for sharing your dreams with the rest of the LuSa/Clean community.

  17. Rachel Wolf says:

    So sweet. Thank you. Thank you as well for your email. I really appreciate it. It caused me some great reflection last night on the choices that weve made (and why weve made them) along the way. Honor your truths above all else. Listen to your heart and find the joy.

    Love, Rachel

  18. Kate says:

    Good luck finding your new place. We are in a similar place, business and kids outgrowing our own home and place and looking for the perfect new start able to grow food for our business and our family. I hope you keep posting about the journey to finding your place.

  19. Sarah says:

    Hey Rachel-
    I’ve just spent the last hour reaquaintencing myself with your blog and it is so lovely. Your LIFE looks lovely.
    How do you do it? I’m serious!!
    i’m seeing your amazing food you make, the crafts with your kids, your home/unschooling, and not to mention your blog and your business!!
    I try not to compare myself to others, because it’s just not healthy for me, but right now, in this moment- I am just wondering how you lead this wonderful life. You seem to have discovered that extra 4 hours in a day i wish i had.
    i often feel i don’t read enough with my kids and i don’t make stuff with them enough. we have taken a break from homeschooling this year because it has been too intense for me, and well, blah blah blah i feel inadequate much of the time.
    do you have any secrets?
    sorry for the heavy comment but we do want honesty don’t we?
    xo sarah

  20. Rachel Wolf says:

    There are on days and there are off days (and there are mixed-up days like today!). I see it like this: the blog shows one tiny snipped of my day. This mornings post, for example, did not show last nights dishes that were still on the counter in the very kitchen where I took the rest of the photographs. I bet if you reflect you can find one gem in each of your days, even if it is just the sight of your little ones toes in the bath. It is about finding the magic.

    Stepping away from the computer is key for me in feeling like I have enough time for everything I want to do – it is a time-sponge if there ever was one. Your life is perfectly your own!

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