The Woods

We've returned from our trip to the Wolf River at the cabin build by my grandfather and great grandfather. In Sage's words, "I love it here more than anywhere else on Earth."







Our week away brought us hours in the woods hunting mushrooms,

post-swim snuggles in the warm sunshine,

plenty of time alone with my needles,

Lupine picking lupines (among other wild treasures),

sibling sweetness on bold solo adventures to picnic alongside the river,

and a few quiet campfires as the sun sank low.

Our spirits are quieted by this time alongside the river. We love it here with all of our hearts.

13 thoughts on “The Woods

  1. Cassandra says:

    How wonderful! There has been a lot of talk at our house about getting a cabin up north…your pictures are helping the cause right now!

  2. Meg says:

    Yes Rachel. Just what I needed to see. We go up to my aunt’s cabin tomorrow for some good rest and peaceful water time. Maple and I are headed out to the yarn store right now so that I can pick up needles for one of 3 projects that are coming up with me. He he he. Can’t wait.
    Love. Let’s hang when we get back.

  3. Lori says:

    Rachel, wonderful pictures!! Took advantage of your free shipping offer – thanks for doing that. Do you have a “store” in Viroqua?

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    We are so blessed to have this place to visit. It has been in my family forever and there was talk of tearing it down a few years ago. My sisters voice of reason swayed the family back towards keeping it, and Im so glad we did. It is a wonderful thing to have that cabin in the woods to also call home.


  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Lori,
    We do not have a store in Viroqua, thought the co-op carries many of our products and we also have a booth in the Viroqua Public Market. So without a store, you can still find all of our products for sale here!


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