Delicious Weekend

Because of some extra irons in the fire this week, our weekend was only one day long. Somehow it still seemed more rejuvenating than many three-day weekends we've enjoyed. We all found the time to eat well, sleep well, and play together. There was knitting, music-making, and gardening (and even napping for the grown ups). Here are some highlights:


Is the photo above enough said? Goodness. These are so good. Sally Fallon's soaked waffles, loosely interpreted. I've made these so often I don't actually know if I am following her recipe anymore. it's all by memory at this point. And fresh blueberries, whipped cream, and a drizzle of maple? This breakfast was over the top.


Due to a little bug that joined our family
we were in need of some chicken soup this weekend too. I'm always
looking for an excuse to make this soup. It is dreamy. Whole potatoes,
big chunks of chicken, carrots, and corn in a gingery-limey-chicken
stock. Served with raw onions just pulled from the garden. I can't get
enough of this soup.



It's not a normal day it our house if
someone isn't making a crafty mess. This weekend it was stamps,
origami, and (surprisingly) Sage's new fixation with drawing dressing
he wants to sew for his sister. (I'm not complaining. I'm way more into
this phase than the new-machine-gun-designs phase.) He's so complex.





And our first family thrifting outing in ages. We walked in the rain
down to the flea market to hunt for treasures. Though we came home with
only a few bouncy balls, a Toddy, and an old suitcase, we had a great time together and even made it to down to the local second-hand book seller.

And tomorrow the kids and I are off for an adventure. I'll send your postcards from the road!


14 thoughts on “Delicious Weekend

  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    The LOVE it because there is something in there for everyone. Lupine hates potatoes but loves carrots. Sage loves the whole thing. We came up with a default meal list called Foods Sage Loves. I think he was six when we did it. So if he has a fussy week we can find something nourishing that hell eat each day. Then we limit snacks to veggies and/or fruit and cheese. So theyre set no matter how much they eat at dinner.


  2. Lori Beske says:

    Looks like a good weekend rachel – love the waffles – yyyuummyyy looking. thanks for the soap – we have a good stock now 🙂

  3. KC says:

    I love those wooden spatulas and the rectangular bowl! I’ve been wanting to try the soaked waffles. I’ve done the pancakes a few times now and they have gone over well. Also I tried making your spelt crackers. What a hit! Thank you so much for that easier recipe. I’ve search far and wide for an easy cracker recipe and they never come out well. Yours came out perfect. I would love to try the graham cracker recipe you mentioned as well!

  4. denise says:

    A whole pile of butter paddles??!?!?! The few times I have found them around here used they are at least 4+ times that cost, so I have only bought new from Lehman’s. And a bread dough bowl? And aprons? I need to go thrifting out by you – I’ve given up around here. ;P

    Sounds like a nice home day, those are my favorite. Hope you are all feeling better.

  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    Glad the crackers and pancakes work well for you. The waffles just include separated eggs with the white whipped. Otherwise they are close to the same. I add a bit less yogurt so that the batter is thicker and 3 yolks/3 whipped whites.


  6. Rachel Wolf says:

    Arent you the one who has sworn off shopping of all types? Ill take you to the good spots around here. Funny because I passed on the paddles (I thought they were overpriced). I have small-town St. Vincent de Paul price expectations I guess. Everyone is feeling great now. Thanks!


  7. lisset says:

    that waffle right there might as well be a spitting image of the very breakfast we eat every saturday or sunday morning. the husband looks forward to it all week and i aim to please. :)deeelicious.

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