Fresh Mint Ice Cream


Two years ago I planted a few tiny mint sprigs in my garden. Today they are the dominant plant in our yard (note to self: contain mint in sunken pots). What to do with all of this mint? Daily mint water, drying for tea… Then yesterday the kids and I had yet another taste for ice cream and we decided fresh mint ice cream sounded dreamy. We found a recipe online and set to work.




As an experiment for those of you who don't have an ice cream maker we tried Ice Cream in a Bag. The concept is that you create an ice cream maker with a zip bag of ice cream custard tucked inside of a zip bag of ice and salt. You shake and massage and it transforms into ice cream.


Full disclosure – we had done it at a birthday party a couple of years ago and it worked awesome (Comilla – share your suggestions in the comments field about how to make this work as well as it did that day!). On this day it worked okay, but we failed and making thick ice cream. We made glorified milkshakes.


The remainder of the batch we put in our trusty thrift store ice cream
maker. And it was nothing short of amazing. You can find the recipe here. Two ice cream posts in one week? I think that's over the top. But whatever. Its August.


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Have a delicious weekend!

16 thoughts on “Fresh Mint Ice Cream

  1. Jordan says:

    We made ice cream in a bag for the first time last night, using our freshly picked blackberries. Delicious! The kids said they never want to buy regular ice cream again…I totally agree:) Thanks for the mint suggestion…I have a ton of mint that I don’t know what to do with 🙂

  2. Casey says:

    We are so in love with homemade ice cream here, too! We got the ice cream maker attachment with our stand mixer — looooove.

    Old Fashioned vanilla with real vanilla beans was the best!

  3. Mary Jo, Five Green Acres says:

    THANK GOODNESS I splurged on an ice cream maker of our own after no luck watching the thrift stores. Just yesterday, in fact. I’ve got a batch right now cooling in the fridge, with lemon balm instead of mint. Same recipe – will report back. I don’t have much mint (yet) but lemon balm is growing like crazy.
    Reading yet another ice cream post in blogland would have killed me if I couldn’t try it myself.

  4. Kim B. says:

    Another timely blog post. We just got our kitchen aid ice cream maker in the mail and I sat down to look for recipes! How cool!

  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    Fall is on my mind lately (being a small-business owner I have to think one season out). Cool temps and veggie chili will be a treat as well… in due time.
    ~ Rachel

  6. Emmy says:

    I’m definitely going to try this. We don’t have an ice cream maker so hopefully the bag method will work for us. We too have so much spearmint and chocolate mint this year. Feels like I’m harvesting oodles everyday.

  7. Wrenb says:

    We made mint ice cream last night and it was delicious! Thanks for the inspiration. Also for the bug spray I bought Saturday morning in Madison. We delivered our neighborhood newsletters yesterday afternoon and must have applied your insect repellent 4 times; the mosquitoes were really bad but I didn’t get too many bites.

  8. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hooray! And Im glad the bug spray is working, though with frequent reapplication. Pete found the same to be true when he was fishing in a cloud of skeeters last night. Frequent reapplication was needed but he didnt get bit much.


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