One of Those Days.

Yesterday had way too much attitude. At least in my house. We started the day off on the wrong foot and hopped grumpily along on that very wrong foot all morning.

Pete, Sage, Lupine and I all participated equally in the mess of our day. Something had to give, so by lunchtime my strategy for survival was this:

1. Apologize.

2. Forgive.

3. Don't take it all so seriously.

4. Let the kids navigate their way through their stuff (within reason).

5. Make ice cream. Blackberry ice cream. (While we still had some rocky spots post-dessert, I think this was our turning point.)




The four of us sat together in the sunshine nibbling away at our ice
cream and everything fell into place. We were all still a little grouchy,
but not nearly as much as before. The roughest spots of our day were smoothed
over, just enough to get us through to bedtime. Who says ice cream isn't good for you?

I chose to share this grumbly post for a couple of reasons.

1. We all have those days now and then. I occasionally get emails from readers saying that this life I represent here seems unattainable. That it doesn't look like the life that they are living in that moment. But in truth, we're really pretty normal. I only post a fraction of our day here in the form of a single moment from 24 hours. That isn't much when you think about it. Yep, we have bad days too.

2. When we decide to un-stick ourselves from that bad day/moment/job/insert-noun-here we can transform as quickly as we desire into something more positive. What is your magic day-corrector?

10 thoughts on “One of Those Days.

  1. Lori Beske says:

    Icecream does a body (so i like to believe:), soul, and spirit (and attitude good). I’ve found that if we are having a cranky day (my 6 year old and I.) going for a little treat is just whats called for (since we dont know how to make our own icecream). Have a sun shiny, joyful, laughter filled, happy day.

  2. Casey says:

    Ice cream ended our day here yesterday, too…but ours was just the sweet finish to a very good day. Sorry the grumblecakes infested your house — seems they have a ‘come and go as you please’ arrangement here. Hope today is better.

  3. Cassandra says:

    I just hate days like that! Lately I have been just stopping in my tracks and shouting very loudly “everybody love everybody”! When the house gets infected with negativity…works like a charm! Everyone laughs and hits their “reset” buttons.

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