A Day at the Orchard.

My mom is visiting this week from Milwaukee. We've spent most of her visit in the kitchen so far (this is the season for long hours there). Yesterday we decided to head over to Lansing to a small organic orchard yesterday for some autumn magic in the warm sunshine.

The drive was beautiful, the apples were perfect, and the woman who owns the orchard was a homeschooler's dream. As of today Sage is working on planting rootstock from crabapple seeds, discussing benefits of different grafting techniques, and planning our orchard.










The orchard we visited is Countryside near Lansing, IA. Jamie, the owner, has woven a rich history throughout her orchard and farm. Aside
from the apple trees one treasure was her work-in-progress "Wild
English Garden" – a collection of wild and heirloom plants rescued from
construction and demolition sites and roadsides throughout the region.

We'll be back next fall to be sure. 

16 thoughts on “A Day at the Orchard.

  1. Kasey Love says:

    organic apples are so difficult to grow. the owner of this orchard must be a extremely experienced with organic practices. i wish i had that kind of insight!

    cant wait for the next post!

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    I agree. Her trees were beautiful! And shes not in favor of allowable organic sprays either. Only an occasional calcium and sulfur (If at all she said). That works for me.
    ~ Rachel

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Where are you Laura? There is an orchard in Gays Mills – Turkey Ridge – but we havent had the best luck the past two years there. We keep missing their best season and end up with apples good just for sauce and cider. And for me both are about 45 minutes.


  4. Denise says:

    We were out at Turkey Ridge a couple of weeks ago and had a fabulous time picking a bushel of apples. They also had some yummy righteous pork for sale in the freezer. Pigs are a huge part of their organic strategy. Anyhoo apples were great there – smaller Liberty apples – perfect size for kid snacking.
    Oh, and I am LOVING the image of the camo and tuto both enjoying their apples!

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