A Fairy Tea Party.

I promise to stop talking birthday for a while. Really soon. Right after this post. Really. I promise. But there is one more burst of ridiculous cuteness for you before I do.

Yesterday was Lulu's Fairy Tea Party. It was sweet beyond description. Three friends plus Sage and Lupine at a kid-sized table set with vintage tea cups and plates, sparkly napkin rings, fruit, and tea. All of the fanciness was found second hand, at the local flea market or thrift stores for pennies.

All the girls were in their fanciest fairy wings and dresses, giggling and "flying" about. Cuteness overload comes to mind.

Lupine and I made the favors. I normally keep is very simple, but she was inspired and it is hard to water down 4 year old enthusiasm. We made bath fizzies, glittered sea shell necklaces, "fairy perfume" (lavender and sweet orange essential oils in jojoba with some sparkles), and my favorite – wooden fairy peg people with sparkly wings. The kids took their treasures home in their vintage tea cup. 

Today will be a quiet day around here vacuuming up glitter and relaxing as a family. Have a wonderful (sparkly) Monday!





9 thoughts on “A Fairy Tea Party.

  1. Rachel says:

    Love those party favor ideas! My daughter is only 7.5 months, but a Fairy Tea Party just may be in her future 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kristi Dalberg says:

    Love it! Lupine’s (and your) favor ideas were so fun! I love that picture of her, too – so cute! Looks like the girls had a blast!

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