A Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree.

This is an edited re-post from last winter. I wanted to share it again for the many new folks as well as a reminder for those of you who read it last year. A simple tradition, the Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree transformed our holiday last year.


In my family, where deer hunting comes before all else, Thanksgiving could easily feel like an afterthought. But this year we gathered together and celebrated with intention and gratitude. It was a sincere celebration of family, love, and appreciation.


The new tradition we created this Thanksgiving was a Gratitude Tree. A friend mentioned that she was creating a Thanksgiving Tree on her holiday table this year. She explained the concept and with a little bit of Googling I found dozens of variations on the idea. We jumped on board, and I suspect we'll do it every year.


The concept is simple: create a "tree" on your holiday table with a branch, ornament stand, or small tree. Provide guests with paper leaves, pens and a simple question: What are your grateful for? Throughout the evening, guests quietly penned the important things in their lives on leaves and suspending them from the tree.


After the table was cleared we gathered for a glass of wine and took turns reading the anonymous blessings. Some authors were easy to determine ("I love Sager. I love Sager. I love Sager" or "I am grateful for my wife putting up with my hunting for the past 40 years."), while others were more difficult to determine ("I am grateful for my loving wife and two kids.").

For me it was meaningful to hear my family express with such depth on this special day.

 Thanks, Denise, for the inspiration!

2 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree.

  1. Emmy says:

    A lovely idea. I too have seen them around the web in the past. I think we should try one at our Thanksgiving this year. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Lori says:

    Wonderful idea Rachel. Oh and I’ve gotten some knitting needles and yarn and one of my neighbors OS going to teach me. I’m so excited.

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