Birthday Preparations



My carmera is so full of sand that I haven't taken a single photo since I left Asheville last week. Finding a local camera repair shop in a town of 5000 has proved futile. That being said, you get to enjoy a few more photos from our journey while we chat this morning! They are unrelated to my post, except for the truth that this – and ever recent – post is written through the filter of that lovely time. (I've also fallen in love with the color palate and want to paint my whole world shades of sand, slate, and aqua. But I digress.)


Lupine turns four on Wednesday. Today and tomorrow I will be putting the final touches on her birthday celebration. This will be the first year she has a party with friends. Intesteringly, she has requested the same party theme that Sage did for his fourth birthday: Fairies and Gnomes. We have a small gathering of four of her favorite girlfriends in the planning stages and a family celebration planned for Wednesday.

And our preparation? The click of needles and the snip of shears is constant around her the last few days. Knitting by me, sewing by Sage, recipes and cookbooks spread all around the kitchen. And the ocean? It's there too. Sage's gift was inspired by our time at the sea, and my project was cast on while sitting on the beach while my mom entertained the kids in the waves.



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