Four Times Around the Sun.

Shoulder sleep

Four years ago this morning I experienced the whole of the universe moving through my body as I peacefully pushed my daughter out into the quiet waters of a birth pool in our family room. The sun was begining to rise, the fire was crackling in the fireplace, and the season's first snow was falling. It was one of the most peaceful, powerful, beautiful moments of my life.


Happy Birthday precious Bluebird. We love you big as the universe. You've brought the stars down for us all to dance in.

I'm taking the rest of today off to celebrate with my family.

Love to all!


12 thoughts on “Four Times Around the Sun.

  1. Kelly says:

    Happy Birthday Lupine!
    It’s amazing how strongly imprinted these moments of birth are, permanently etched in our brains. And how lovely when it’s a beautiful peaceful memory. 🙂

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