Homemade, Kid-made Jammies.

Lupine has grown crazy fast in the past few weeks. Her only warm PJ's are a full size too small so yesterday morning I quickly sewed her a pair of warm flannel pants (with this uber-simple ruffle pants pattern) using fabric she picked out when she was two. I added a matching pocket to a second hand tee and called it done. (I know, I know. Another project. It's lunacy I tell you.)

As I cleaned up from the first project I offered to teach Sage how to sew his own pants and he surprised me with his enthusiasm. He couldn't wait to get started. Lupine is still under the weather and so she took a nap leaving us with some precious "Mama-Sagie" time to laugh, learn, and sew together. It was a fabulous treat.




I taught him how to draft a pattern from a favorite pair of elastic-waist pants and then he set to work cutting, pressing, stitching – and goofing. We had a blast. And before Lupine woke from her nap he was wearing his new flannel trousers and dancing around the house. (Ironically the fabric Sage chose was from when he was two as well, picked out for quilt backing for a quilt that never happened.)





The look on his face when he was done was pretty priceless. Satisfaction meets pride meets… well, new pants. While Lupine loves her new jammies too, she was, um, a little harder to photograph. (When she finally got out of bed I snapped the first photo of her at the top of the post. She beamed a smile for perhaps the first time all day and then her face dropped as she announced, "All done smiley-schmiley. No more camera-schamera."

And so ended another crafty sick day.


7 thoughts on “Homemade, Kid-made Jammies.

  1. Jenn B says:

    I’m so happy to see Sage sewing! My mother-in-law taught my husband to sew when he was a boy. I’ve always been grateful that he sees the sewing machine as just another power tool that lets him make what he wants.

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Pete is self-taught and the same way. I didnt know he could sew until I came home from college one day when we first lived together to discover that he had stitched up a new pleather seat for his motorcycle! It was pretty awesome too. Hooray for power tools!


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