Repost: Valentine Heart Babies.

Matchbox babies are one of our favorite craft projects any time of year, but these wee ones are especially sweet for Valentine's Day. As you look ahead to your weekend, perhaps you'll find time to make some of these sweeties. This is a repost from last winter and since I have so many new readers I thought perhaps some of you had missed this sweetness.

P.S. If you insert a strong needle threaded with embroidery floss through the top and bottom of the box slider (not the bed) about 1/3 of the way down and tie the thread about twice as long as the box, you can make your drawer open as if by magic when you pull the string.


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We started a new tradition this morning: Jammie Craft. Smoothies, fruit, toast, scissors, glitter, and glue – all while we're still in our PJs. I know. It sounds like a disastrous mix. But it was wonderful!

With Valentine's day on the horizon we collectively came up with this project: Heart Babies.


A simple (kid-friendly) tutorial follows:



Wool Felt * Wooden beads * Acorn caps

Thread * Paper * Fabric scraps

Cotton or wool stuffing * Glue

Small match boxes * Glitter

Mod Podge * Paint brush * Needle *Scissors


The Box Top: Cut a strip of paper and a strip of fabric as wide as your matchbox. Cut long enough to allow 2/3" overlap. Coat matchbox cover with Mod Podge and wrap with paper. (This will keep the matchbox printing from showing through the fabric). Secure overlap area with additional Mod Podge.


Coat the papered matchbox with Mod Podge and wrap neatly with fabric. Trim edges as needed. Coat again with Mod Podge and apply glitter if desired.


The Bed: Cut the fabric lining for your matchbox bed. To do so you can sacrifice one match box to make a pattern by slitting at the corners and pressing flat, or use or method and guesstimate. Notch out corners.


Mod Podge the inside of the box and carefully press lining into place.


Baby: Cut out two identical hearts suitably sized to fit into your matchbox. Select a head-sized bead. Check if the bead will fit in the box with the lid closed. If not, select a smaller head or don't sweat it and let the box stay partially open.

Beginning at the "neck" area of the heart (top/center), use a running stitch or a blanket stitch to sew hearts together. Stuff with a bit of cotton or wool before closing. Sew bead to heart as follows: Heart, bead, scrap of felt (to secure head). Sew the head to body securely with a few stitches and tie off. Cut thread.


Select an acorn cap sized appropriately for your bead head. Coat top of head (including felt scrap) with a generous amount of glue and press acorn cap into place. Wipe off excess glue with a cotton swab or your fingertip.


After glue and Mod Podge has dried, tuck baby into bed.

Happy Valentine's Day!



 Note: If you think these are lovely, please check back often. We're pretty crafty around here and have lots more sweetness to share. xo Rachel


9 thoughts on “Repost: Valentine Heart Babies.

  1. Manou says:

    oh! it is too cute! in France, we do celebrate Valentine’s day between adults and this is a celebration for lovers …. I find it is very cute to celebrate this day between childrens too!
    I like craft work too . your blog is so fantastic !
    bisous, Manou.

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thank you! Here we always bring the children into the celebration. Children who go to school celebrate by sharing valentines with their classmates and having a little celebration, all pink and red. But it is for lovers here as well!


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