I Heart.


Happy Valentine's Day, friends.

We aren't the gushy-romantic types around here. Valentine's Day is something our kids get more excited about than we do as a couple. But this morning I was taken by what I saw on Pete's dresser. It is there everyday, but today it stopped me and brought a smile with the simple beauty of it:


Inside of the rough, carved heart bowl are six stones. They were an amazingly thoughtful wedding gift that we received from my sister (nearly 11 years ago). She collected them from beneath the hemlock trees where we were married alongside the Wolf River. Each rock was then carved with a principle from our vows. (There were the six ideas that we chose to represent our marriage and they were our promise to each other.)


  * love *

* commitment *

* honesty *

* respect *

* trust *

* understanding *


(Reflecting on the past 11 years I would add humor, patience, kindness, and joy as well. Those have been key to creating the life that we have.)

So today I share these stones – these principles – with you. May your life be full of this goodness as well. Because truly that's what its all about.




8 thoughts on “I Heart.

  1. Pamela R says:

    Your sister is amazing gift giver. Some of the most creative and beautiful gifts I have ever seen are from her.

    I’ve recently experienced a few things that have led me to see my home and the things in it anew and I have to say that when you look at things everyday, it takes a special awareness to keep seeing those things as meaningful. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thanks Pamela. Yes, she gives amazing gifts. Id have to say this one was my favorite. And we are surely seeing our things and our space through fresh eyes these days!
    xo Rachel

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