Knitting Déjà Vu.

As I have sat with my knitting during recent evening I keep having this eerie feeling that I've knit this before.

Oh. I guess that's because I have.

I cast off two projects this week for my little ones – slippers for Sage and a second bluebird had for Bluebird. And it turns out I've knit both of them before.



Sage's slippers are the same pattern I used for Pete's Solstice Slippers. (Which, sifting through my archives it looks like I never shared with you! Oops. Found the post! It is over here. Here is a link to them on Ravelry if you are interested.) I sized down to the women's small since I didn't have a child-sized pattern. They are felted, so I could tweak the final size to fit him perfectly.

Sage's favorite colors are red and black. I had some grey and black in my stash, but this lack of color seemed a little too blah so I picked up a ball of deep red to use for the outer sole. I was vetoed, but he said, "Oh, Mama. If you want to do the inner sole and cuff in red for you that's fine with me." He's making concessions about color for his mama. How sweet/pitiful.




Lupine's DejaBlue hat is her second hat of this pattern. Remember this? It is gone. Poof. No more. (Here is where I practice my positive attitude and free myself of blaming by not making a crack about any particular adult in our family who lost the original on a walk in November. See? I'm not even bringing it up.)

She requested a replacement to her lost bluebird hat because her kitty spy hat is a little too much for her these days. According to Lupine, "People say its cute all the time and they give me way too much attention." I'm not sure how a hat the color of her eyes with a beak protruding from her forehead won't garner the same attention, but I'm willing to give it a shot. We can always remove the eyes and beak if it's too cute to wear to the co-op. I cast off the hat before bed last night and we'll add the beak and eyes later this week.

Next up? Finishing Pete's sweater and casting on one for myself. (Not necessarially in that order. Not that I'm holding a grudge about the first bluebird hat or anything. Ehem.)

8 thoughts on “Knitting Déjà Vu.

  1. Tracey says:

    I am a new knitter [I taught myself this past May]and I am so glad I did: I love the slippers. I have a little two year old running around here barefooted, I think she needs slippers! Thanks so much for giving me the idea and sharing a pattern.

  2. Abbie says:

    Both of those projects look amazing! Great ones to be repeateres.
    I am co-hosting a new Green Mama Blog Hop today. I hope you will stop by and join in.
    And any interest in presenting at the MREA Energy Fair; I emailed you about that a while back? Just checking!

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    Be sure to buy the kids size pattern if you go for this one. It isnt hard but requires focus for the sole (just a warning!). Have fun. So glad you taught yourself to knit!
    ~ Rachel

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    HI Abbie,
    Thanks for your note. MREA! Email me again. I cant remember what we talked about! Im hoping to have some helpers in my booth this year, so there is a possibility. Ill pop b y your blog now. Thanks,


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