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The harder we push during these busy weeks the more delicious our quiet weekends become. This weekend was packed with magic. Packed. It started on Friday with our April Fool's Snow. Spring snow can be a bummer when you're ready for robins and mud and you get ice and snow. But this year we counted it as a blessing. Sage got to make one last gigantic snowball and Lupine found gnome tracks.

Good eye, that girl has. 



This weekend there was time for much spring sewing (by machine and by hand), a bit of writing, sipping of too much tea, and listening to live music, Viroqua-style (twice!). There was time for community and friends big and small.


There was sleeping in (for some) until the gluttonous hour of 7:45 and scrumptious breakfasts of grain-free pancakes and blueberry muffins. There was fly fishing, dirt-digging, drywall mudding, and project completing. There was snuggling.




And then the sun broke through and my girl and I played in the sunshine with our shoes off. When we were done we went back inside and she talked me into wearing my wedding dress for the first time in 11 years and we had a very girlie dance party. (It is my only "fancy dress" you see. The only thing worth anything that hangs in my closet by the four year old "why-don't-you-ever-wear-anything-fancy?" standards.)



Oh, yes. Quite a weekend indeed. Around here there is abundance – of laughter, of creative energy, and of play. Now onto another big week. May yours be blessed as well.


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