Still in the Garden: making soil blocks.







Crafting? What is crafting? I am a gardener, not a crafter. At least in the spring.

We've been busy making soil blocks with this amazing little tool and starting pepper, tomato, kale, and cucumber seeds. Today we'll add some broccoli, pumpkins and watermelon to the mix.

I realized last night that I promised you a decoupage easter egg tutorial on Monday. And now it is Tuesday. And I haven't written it yet. Forgive me? I am completely immersed in garden mode and forgot all about all things eggs or woolen.

My plan today is to get out of the garden for a couple of hours and make some eggs with the kids and bring you the tutorial tomorrow. Until then we'll have soil under our nails and be in the backyard if you need anything.



13 thoughts on “Still in the Garden: making soil blocks.

  1. Wendy says:

    Have you tried this method in years past? I ask because I just read that you need to water this setup 3(!) times a day and that ain’t happenin at my house.

    Just curious if you’ve experienced this?

  2. says:

    Ooh, chocolate peppermint! I planted some in our front yard last year (along with lemon verbena, rosemary, oregano, & thyme), and when I cleared some of the leaves off recently, noticed that it still has a strong smell even after the winter!

  3. Rachel Wolf says:

    This is my first year. I am doing a co-op greenhouse gig where we are taking turns watering. But my understanding is that you keep them under clear plastic and only water as needed. Daily?

  4. Mama Jen says:

    no apologies need, i’ve caught the gardening bug too and my two girls. so what if we’re pick clean clothes out of piles of clean laundry yet to be folded and put away – it is nice to be outside ALL day long. Peace and good luck with the garden. Only my second year at it so looking forward to gleening knowledge from your adventures too. Peace.

  5. Roxy says:

    Such gardening goodness! I see you have Seed Savers packages – we get most of our seeds from there. I want to live at their “headquarters”! That barn! Someday . . .
    Happy gardening!

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