A Campfire and Some Candlemaking.





It sounds like a lovely autumn day. The kids and I gathered outside in the cold air around a campfire. I did a little knitting until my fingers were too cold. It was windy and brisk with just a few flurries of light snow. Not unlike, say, October. Or perhaps November.

After a while we headed inside to warm up and make a few candles. Lupine and I made beeswax pillars, votives, and container candles and Sage made some bright orange candles with a bag of soy wax he found in my stash.

When they were cool he unmolded his candles and lined them up down the center of our dinner table. While I finished dinner he lit each one. They glowed festively over there in the dining room. Hmmm… the black table. The orange candles. So autumnal. So cozy. It makes me want to rake leaves and carve pumpkins.

But, um, it's May. May! And while in May I normally prefer sandals to mittens, we're making the best of these 40 degree days. We're making warmth every way we can.How 'bout you? Keeping warm? Wearing sandals? Tell me what it's like outside in your neighborhood.

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In other news, there is an interview with me over on Petite Purls. Take a peek! While you're there do look through their free knitting patterns. I'm seeing this dress in Lupine's future.

18 thoughts on “A Campfire and Some Candlemaking.

  1. crystal.m. says:

    We’re still very cold here in Alberta, Canada too. In fact, we were supposed to get snow last night- But, we made it through the night, and the sun is out! Stay warm- not much longer until it’s really summer! 🙂

  2. Kristina says:

    Yup, it’s cold here, too. And we live in Kentucky! It’s only in the 40s today, which is very depressing to this sick, warm weather girl. But, it will be warm again soon. The sun will shine again.

  3. KC says:

    Down here in Tucson we are heating up. We took our morning walk a little late today and it was almost to hot. Today’s high is 95 and should feel like 100. We’re definitely wearing sandals down here. We’re even getting zucchini and eggplants in the garden. What a different world from snow and candle making!

  4. Nahuatl Vargas says:

    Oh, that dress, loved it, they have great patterns.
    I will read the interview.
    Here is warm, it should be raining already, but this year is a little late, we enjoy it, because we can spend the afternoon outside, because when the raining starts it’s every day from noon to night until December.

  5. Sara Adams says:

    I’m So glad today was warmer. We spent all afternoon outside today – in short sleeves instead of winter coats.

    I love the orange candles all lined up. That’s a beautiful image.

  6. susan says:

    Definitely a warm day in suburban Phoenix… I drove by a temperature sign that said 91 degrees at 11:00am. We’ll be moving in about a month, before the real summer heat of 110-115 degrees sets in – thank goodness! But thinking of you guys in 40 degree weather… in MAY… well, it makes me miss the desert winters already.

    Great candles!

  7. Karlamcurry.wordpress.com says:

    Luckily it hasn’t been too cold around here. I’m kind of a wimp, and if it IS too chilly for me, I’d rather be inside! Sometimes if I’m busy in the house I’ll send the kids outside, but when it’s warm enough, we’re all outdoors playing/working in the yard, at the playground near the library, or going to the zoo.

  8. Rachel Wolf says:

    Push yourself to get out there with them! I sometimes dont want to either but every time I do (EVERY SINGLE TIME!) I have a blast and am so grateful that I did.

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