Shades of White.

I know. I have other things to do than post twice in one day, especially a day with an impending car trip across the state.

But as I was scurrying and hurrying through my house with last minute packing and projecting I stopped, amazed at how lovely it all is. In this messy space that I call home I saw so much gorgeousness that I unpacked my camera and started shooting. So before I hit the road, here is what I saw today: a quick study in shades of white.











The peoneys are stolen from a vacant farm that I am dreaming of.

The white chair was my father's and lived in my beloved gram's kitchen as her step stool.

The frames are lovely vintage prints waiting patiently to be rehung after I painted the playroom wall.

The shells are from our North Carolina trip last year.

The doll, named "Snow Peony" never made it into my Etsy shop. And never will.

The hoop is part of my playroom art decorations.

And the bowl is Lupine's leftover breakfast.


Messy, but beautiful. My life.

Now really. I'm out of here. I swear. Love to all! xo Rachel

5 thoughts on “Shades of White.

  1. Gretchen says:

    It made me happy to see your chair. I have the same chair, same patina. Love it! Alas, one of the back posty thingys is broken so I can’t use it now. SOOOO sad.

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