Strawberry Season. And a Tattler canning jar lid giveaway!

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Oh, summer. Strawberries are officially in season. All year long the children beg for berries when we're at the co-op. And every time I give them the same answer: "We'll have berries when they are in season." And so we wait. And wait. And use up last year's frozen berries in smoothies week after week.

Last night it was finally time. Sage biked to a friend's house with the bike trailer hooked up and came home with more than a dozen quarts of local, organic strawberries. A Burley-full! We had berries for dessert, right out of the baskets, and then an Amish buggy came down our road selling more berries door-to-door. Strawberry season is on.

Today we're off to the farm for more berries, and after a final round on Thursday we should be set for the year. I am reading the book Independence Days right now and I love the concept of planting or putting food by every day (or week in my case) for greater food independence. Feeding ourselves locally, one jar of strawberry jam at a time. While we don't even come close to the level of self-sufficiency that growing all of our food would provide, we are doing what we can week by week. This summer I am filling our freezer with my own garden kale, chard, and beet greens, and there will be green beans, peppers, tomatoes, and broccoli, and also local chickens, berries, and cider. Every bag or jar of food I put by lifts my soul.



Last year I discovered that "normal" canning jar lids are lined with the estrogen-mimicking chemical BPA. Such a shock and disappointment. This year I committed to canning from now on only with BPA free canning jar lids. So far I have found two options: all glass jars and lids (a beautiful but more costly option), or my ordinary canning jars with BPA-free Tattler lids.

The Tattler lids are made in the USA of BPA free plastic. While I normally go plastic-free every way I can, Tattler lids feel like a much healthier choice for my family. Tattler was kind enough to send me a few boxed of lids – for me to try out and to share with you! I'm giving away a box of wide mouth and a box of narrow mouth Tattler lids with rubber rings for canning to one winner.

To enter your name in the giveaway just leave a comment below of one thing you want to put by this season and what motivates you to can and freeze local food. I'll choose one winner this weekend. Earn an extra entriy for each of the following: emailing a link to this post to a friend, sharing this post via Facebook, sharing this post via Twitter, liking Clean on Facebook, and liking Tattler on Facebook. Just be sure to enter separate comments for each bonus entry!

Comments are now closed! I'll announce the winner on Monday.

Congratulations to Eileen K who said:

I am hoping to put up some pickled cucumbers this summer, but mine have some growing to do before they will be putting on fruits. I can because I love eating things that came out of my backyard all year long.

Also, make a purchase before July 4 through Tattler's website and get 10% off with coupon code "LIBERTY".

Happy healthy canning, friends.


344 thoughts on “Strawberry Season. And a Tattler canning jar lid giveaway!

  1. Rebecca says:

    I just heard of these specific lids last week and am looking forward to trying them myself. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Magic and Mayhem says:

    Do I have to pick just one thing? 🙂 Um…. jellies and jams of all kinds (strawberry, raspberry, apple peel, rhubarb, etc.). As for why, a million reasons but mostly what doesn’t go into the jar (HFCS, pesticides, chemicals, artificial colors and flavors…). Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. paganmama says:

    Rachel, how do you freeze the greens?

    This is my first summer canning, and so far we’ve put by strawberry jam. Like you, we’re doing what we can, bit by bit. I love to make herbal remedies (in glass jars, but they don’t need to be “canned”) and have started filling my pantry with tinctures and vinegars.

  4. Randi says:

    I’m planning to put up everything I can get my hands on! 🙂 We so much prefer it to buying from the grocery store. It tastes better and is much better for you!

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve been wanting to try these lids!

  5. Rachel Wolf says:

    I blanch the greens briefly (drop into simmering water and remove), rinse to cool, chop, bag, and freeze. Oh, and label. Label, label, label. I sometimes skip this and end up with mystery greens in my food. 🙂
    Peace, Rachel

  6. Tammy Olson says:

    What a disappointment to hear about the normal canning lids! I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised, it seems you really have to look into everything these days. Wow, what a bummer. Now I think about all of that food that I’ve canned down in my basement that was perfect in my eyes, but I guess not. Thanks for the heads up. We will definitely be switching. It’s nice to see that Tattler lids are reusable too.
    Yes, our family has been in strawberry heaven here too. Yum!
    I like to try to can something new each season, so this year I’m going to do some pork and beans!
    Thanks for the informative post Rachel!

  7. Lynette says:

    I already like you all on FB, but I shared it, and would like to enter the giveway! I would like to put away all of my strawberries again this year. So far I have 30 lbs. And I’m going to do 100 lbs of blueberries again this year! Among other things….:)

  8. lauren wolff says:

    We are planning to move in the direction of “self sufficient through our own contributions”. So, I will have a garden with fruits and veggies to can and we will be buying what is necessary from the local farm. I would love to give canning a go and would like very much to use these lids. Thanks for the opportunity to give them a try!

  9. Nettie Black says:

    ahhh eeeeeeek I had no idea about the “normal” lids! Mmmm those berries look scrumptious! Sadly our strawberry season is long over here, but I have a garden full of growing/ripening tomatoes, squash, peppers and zucchini that are waiting for me to harvest for winter. Last year my mom gave me her old canner and I am incredibly excited to use it. A neighbor and I are going to have a canning party! I also just found more wide mouth jars for super cheap (but darn those lids!)

  10. Tori S. says:

    Well, for right now, strawberries! I haven’t officially canned myself, since I no longer have my house, and room for putting up anything. But, this year is going to be the changing year, at least starting with strawberries (grandma has a chest freezer, and hopefully will teach me how to make jam). The reason why, well several, but for one, local organic food just tastes sooooo much better, and I know I’m investing in US, and our community. Never heard of Tattler!

  11. Pam says:

    I’m freezing and canning everything I can get my hands on at the farmers’ markets! Tomatoes, strawberries, berries of any kind really :), cukes, peppers, zucchini, homemade free-range chicken broth, okay… this could get long! We’re starting my son (well, all of us really) on the GAPS Diet in August and I want to make sure we’re set until next summer! Considering that detoxing is a big part of the diet, eliminating BPA is really important! Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  12. says:

    Our family is trying to become more self-sufficient as well. We started a few raised beds this year, and it’s definitely a learning experience. I have a few canning jars and accessories from my grandmother but would love to add to the collection!

    We eat spinach like crazy – it seems like the easiest greens to add to meals. It seems like you wait and wait for it to be ready, and then all of a sudden it’s ready to be picked so you have a bunch at once. I’d love to freeze it, but I’m afraid it will be wilty and icky once I pull it out of the freezer. Peppers is another thing I’m concerned about. I hope to make tomato sauce, maybe salsa, with our tomatoes and onions. I have so many things to do!

  13. Jeanne says:

    We’ve started the canning season with cherry jam, and plan to do some strawberry today! We would love some of these BPA free lids… thanks for the giveaway!

  14. liv says:

    I love the idea of these lids–never seen them before. This week we’ll do the last of the blackberry picking and put up another half bushel of peaches. That’s Georgia, for you!

  15. Rachel Wolf says:

    Peppers and spinch both blanch beautifully for use in dishes later in the year. A quick blanch (like 2 seconds into simmering water), cool and freeze. Easy. The peppers you can blanch for longer… 20 seconds or so sliced. Then chill in cold water and freeze. Easy as can be!


  16. Angela B says:

    Just finished up my strawberry Jam and looking forward to going back to the farm for more berries!

  17. jill says:

    definitely want to try these lids this year…..what motivates me to can is the fact that I love to do it. Whatever is put up in those jars resembles a trophy on my shelf. I also do it to save money and the assurance of knowing what I am eating and serving to family and friends.

  18. Nichole says:

    I’ve been putting up as much as possible this year. I’m looking forward to sweet cherries, raspberries, plums, huckleberries, tomatoes……. 🙂

  19. jonquil says:

    well…i’m drying spearmint, german chamomile, & basil. i’ll be canning some pickle, beets, & about 24 quarts of applesauce to soothe the savage hunger of a 3 yr.old grandson. i can/dry as i live in an urban area & i am well aware of the fragility of this countrys’ food supply system.

  20. Jannett says:

    i like to can because i know that quality ingredients are making it into the jar and not added chemicals & preservatives…besides…jars are beautiful filled with yummy stuff!

  21. Alethea Fedders says:

    My Mom is the one who taught me how to can. I grew up with it and have not known a year not to can. We have huge gardens and I will can everything that is grown. I do it to give my children quality food that is full of nutrients and is good for them.:) My favorite thing to can is salsas, jams and jellies;)

  22. Misti says:

    I liked Tattler on facebook

    On a side note how do you like these lids? I think in the past week this is the 4th time I have seen someone say something about these canning lids and wanted a little more information.

  23. Maureen says:

    This week I’m canning blackberry jam, and possibly some whole apricots if they ripen soon. Part of the reason we prefer local is that we’ve have gotten to know our farmers by shopping at the farmers market; we trust that the produce is organic and we like that it didn’t have to travel very far. And because we live in California we also get a LOT of fruit free. SO many people just don’t know what to do with it all and it goes to waste. We’re happy to take it off their hands:)

  24. Eileen K. says:

    I am hoping to put up some pickled cucumbers this summer, but mine have some growing to do before they will be putting on fruits. I can because I love eating things that came out of my backyard all year long.

  25. Jannett says:

    i also feel better about putting up local food rather than purchasing a fancy jarred product in a gourmet store with an origin of france or italy.

  26. Sallie Brown says:

    Retired…so I can everything I possibly can, meat and vegetables and fruit. Especially like to make crabapple and muscadine jelly. Would love to try the tattler lids.

  27. Brandi says:

    I think I’m most excited about doing pickles this year. I’ve only ever done fridge pickles/jams/fruits. So I’m really starting to branch out this year. And, I’m motivated to can local produce because it’s cheaper, I can control what goes into what I’m eating, and I absolutely love the way food looks in jars.

  28. Cristi says:

    I want to use a pressure canner and do chicken stock. I can because I am an old-fashioned sort and I like knowing where my family’s food comes from!

  29. Jenn says:

    I can locally-sourced items because I get to meet the producers/growers and know that my food is raised sustainably. Now that I’m expecting, having food that’s local and organic is even more important to me!

  30. Jessica says:

    When I eat food I’ve canned, it’s like getting a hug from myself from last season. I love being able to make good food for my family.

  31. Paige Hyder says:

    I preserve for the future because I am what I eat. I can’t wait for the figs to be ready to make whole fig preserves.

  32. cheryl says:

    Strawberry Jam! My Grandma taught me how to can and that was my first recipe! She is gone now – but I aways think of her when the absolutely wonderful smell of strawberries bubbling!

  33. Priscilla says:

    I never knew of these lids, I mostly use Weck jars. I made elderberrysirup last year and this year elderblossomsirop, lovely.

  34. Christie D says:

    We are canning strawberry jam today. As my 6 year old says “We don’t buy jelly from the store at our house!” I’m also looking forward to pickles this year, I planted pickling cukes in hopes that I can make a firmer, crunchier pickle. I just love knowing that when I crack open the seal on a jar during a dinner party or cookout, I can proudly say to everyone “Yup, I made these from homegrown/locally grown produce.” People are always in awe at my skills and think it is so difficult.

  35. Janette says:

    I am determined to can tomatoes for the first time this year! Would love to win some Tattler canning lids to try this out@

  36. Lindsey says:

    I’ve only just learned of these lids and I’m very excited. We will be putting lots more peach jam up. We’re almost out of last years.

  37. paula says:

    an avid canner for many years, well, a lifetime really, *this* is the year of the tomato for me. i normally dehydrate tomatoes, and i did can a bit last year, not nearly enough. thanks!

  38. Nikole says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m new to canning this year, and having been freezing garden extras up until now. I put up some strawberry rhubarb preserves last week. We picked the strawberries from an Amish farm and the rhubarb from our yard. I love the ground to table connection this provides for me and my family.

  39. Amy says:

    I like having control over what is in my food and I can’t resist buying tons of berries whil they’re in season. Some go into the freezer for later use and some are made into jam.

  40. Casey says:

    Eekk…had NO idea about the jar lids. 🙁 I want to jar some diced tomatoes so we don’t have to use canned…

  41. Mama B says:

    I can things because I want to preserve them and not pay someone else to do it (with additives and chemicals I don’t want). Plus it costs a lot less to make a couple of batches of jam than to buy a dozen jars or so per year!

  42. Nahuatl Vargas says:

    I have been trying to can my tomato sauce, I still have not get it right, but I love make it with the organic tomatoes from the Organic Farmer’s Market in which I work every Saturday.

    Thanks for the chance!

  43. Jennifer says:

    We love strawberry jam! We normally put back gallons every year; the boys like for me to mix it into plain yogurt to make strawberry yogurt for their lunches. This year I’m hoping to freeze green beans from our garden! We love to put food by because it’s healthier for us, the environment, and it’s satisfying to be this kind of independent!

  44. elc says:

    my husband works on an organic vegetable and i am trying to put away as much as i can. today mint jelly and jalapeno jelly.

  45. says:

    Well, we are starting with strawberries, but are looking forward to all of our other garden goodness including cherries, raspberries, greens, beans, tomatoes, too much more to mention. We think eating local (and especially right out of our garden!) is the best thing we can do for our family for too many reasons to mention, including teaching our kids what real food tastes like and how it grows.

  46. Christina Peterson says:

    …wanting to can strawberry mint jam and raspberries later this summer. I just like being able to know I can enjoy local produce throughout the year when I can it.

  47. mairsydoats says:

    I started with Jam (Blackberry! Aprium! Strawberry! Lemon Curd! And the BEST Apple Butter in the World!) and am hoping to move into tomatoes later this year. I like my own jam best, and love knowing what is (and isn’t) in it… 🙂

  48. cathie says:

    I would love to try these lids! Just finished making a batch of strawberry peach jam. Used my friend’s peaches from her tree and strawberries from the Long Beach Farmer’s Market!
    Always more satisfying to know where your fruit comes from!

  49. Shanti says:

    I am a huge fan of my homemade pickles. I canned 10 quarts last year and ran out in February. Was so excited that the pickling cucumbers at the farmer’s market last weekend that I canned 12 quarts.

    I like having food free of chemical crap. It tastes far better and is healthier.

  50. Hannah Rubenstahl says:

    I have never heard of these lids, but like you I’d love to avoid BPA at almost all costs. I’m going to have to check these lids out! Thank you for them! 🙂

    I’m a complete newbie at canning and freezing…however going out into a strawberry field, picking 8 quarts of strawberries with my lovely hubbie and having to do something with them was an AWESOME motivator! 🙂

  51. Tamara says:

    I like to can and preserve things so I know what goes in them and we our family is eating. And, it is a great way to spend time with my mom and my daughters and pass something enjoyable on to them. I would love to win some Tattler canning lids! Thanks so much for an awesome blog!

  52. Jody says:

    I have already put up some strawberry jam. I am hoping to can tomatoes from my garden this year.

  53. says:

    i want to put up alot of things but dilly beans and carrots are at the top of my list this season:)|

  54. says:

    oops sorry for the two posts i experience some technical difficulties and thought the first one didn’t go so i wrote another

  55. SusanK says:

    I like you and Tattler on FB. What I like best? Opening jars of summer sweet jam during the winter!

  56. Heather says:

    So far this season I’ve made and canned Rhubarb-Orange Butter, and really can’t wait for the strawberries to be ready for picking here in MT, and I’ll make jam and freeze a lot of berries for smoothies. Huckleberries too. Have a lot of berries and vegetables growing in the garden so a lot of that goodness will be frozen or canned. Thanks for sharing about the lids! 🙂

  57. laura says:

    I know what goes in my jars/freezer containers. Also I love the connection I have with my garden and local farmers, each time I pop a jar or open my icebox. Self-sufficientcy is a LONG way away, but the knowledge is there, the capability is there and slowly but surely I will be there- or at least closer each day.

  58. Robinson says:

    I’ve already put up lots of strawberries and am looking forward to putting up black raspberries and tomatoes. I enjoy canning because I can provide myself and my family with higher quality, wholesome food than what I can buy at the grocery store. I think putting food by is it’s own reward.

  59. Chelsea Miller says:

    I tried Tattler lids for the first time last year and loved them. Would love some more. What inspired me to use them was learning of the canning jar lid shortage in the 1970’s. Yup, at anytime they can just stop making regular BPA lined canning lids. This year my mom and sister and I are going in on a pressure canner so I am looking forward to making my own vegetable soup.

  60. amber says:

    ahhhh!!! i am so obsessed. we can and can and can all summer long. last year, i bought a case of weck jars from my local food co-op. they were so beautiful, but so very expensive, i could only afford one case. so peaches were canned in those spectacular jars. but this year???? i am changing to tattler and my few little wecks….. it has to be! i liked tattler on facebook and of course i like you already on fb. fingers crossed!

  61. says:

    I love the idea of growing my own food and preserving whatever I’m able to. At first it was just a hobby, but now I feel like it is an important contribution to taking care of my family. I just have a small vegetable garden right now, but I hope someday, I will have a much larger plot to be as self-sufficient as possible.

    I’ve heard so much about Tattler lids; would love to give them a try!

  62. Paige says:

    I am happily the owner of a new pressure canner, so what I am looking forward to the most is the whole realm of canned vegetables, beans, and soups! So exciting. I preserve food for many reasons, mostly because I like learning useful skills, and because I believe in local, sustainable food, and that doesn’t include tin cans – even if they are recyclable, or food shipped from across the country in the dead of winter.

  63. Angie Lavezzo says:

    I’m going to put up more fruit sauces this year. I made two different kinds last year, and my family and I blew through them. They’re so versatile, and good for us too!
    There are so many wonderful reasons to by my food straight from the farmers. What I love best about shopping at local markets: I feel more connected to my community, my neighbors, and my own life. <3

  64. Pam Kroker Flower says:

    I’m planning on canning tomatoes, salsa and jam this year. Maybe whatever else I can get my hands on! I am on a personal quest to make things healthier for my family. I want to know what’s in our food and have been working to move away from the use of plastics. I had no idea that my canning jar lids had BPA. Thanks for the heads up!

  65. Cheryl Mintel says:

    Wow! I had no idea these existed! Even if I don’t win, I’ll have to pick some up to try! I finished up my strawberry jam yesterday, and this weekend I have some small batch pickles to make!!!!

  66. Stacy says:

    I hope to can some tomatoes this year. But I have a tiny garden, so I hope to grab a lot of tomatoes that people leave in the breakroom at work!
    I like knowing that my food comes from a local source. If not my own backyard, then the backyards of people I know.

  67. regina says:

    i like knowing who grew our food. food is community to me, the grower is as important to what is being grown. this year we put in a huge garden and i am waiting for our beans and cukes and zukes, we invested in a freezer for 1/4 of a cow and i am freezing as much of the garden as i can. I am canning but have slowed down a bit from last year…

  68. Kimberly says:

    I actually am avoiding canning as much as I can, but I DO ferment in my canning jars! These lids would be perfect for that, as the usual canning lids rust quickly from being in contact with the brine. I’d never heard of these before, and now will make it my life’s mission to hunt them down and get some! ;0) Sharing!

  69. Marie says:

    I only recently inherited a pressure cooker / canner and am so excited to can things. Mostly I just want to can tomatoes because they are what grows best in my yard and I end up with so many. I’ve also been experimenting with canning beans. I love to buy local produce, but I find that my partner and I can’t eat it as quickly as we’d like, hence, my interest in canning.

  70. kathleen says:

    we’re most looking forward to picking peaches, and canning peach butter, peach salsa and peaches for a pie for thanksgiving! also going to try pickled watermelon rind this year!

  71. ashlee says:

    I’ve canned some cherry jam already and plan to do a batch of blackberry as well. Later in the summer I will can tomatoes and tomato sauce like crazy. Most of the other garden bounty I freeze. I don’t like the regular lids, but am way to cheap to go the weck jars route. I hadn’t heard of the tattler lids before, they sound like a great idea!

  72. Leslie says:

    why do i can? let me count the ways…some of these will resonate with my fellow canners – some of them may not…s’okay 🙂 *self reliance (a trucker’s strike or storm will not devastate our home), *gratitude for nature’s bounty, *faithfu…lness/trust (preparedness and food storage are counsel from my church leaders – though i could just buy it all), *better quality (less chemicals in my home canned products), *enjoyment, *taste, and on and on and on…See More

  73. Pam Kroker Flower says:

    I just liked your Facebook page. I must say I’m really looking forward to reading your blog and seeing your posts on Facebook. I just discovered you through another of my favorite blogs and am excited to have found you!

  74. Tiffany Holley says:

    The “regular” lids have BPA?! Oh, NO!

    I’d very much like to win these, then. We’re gardening a little for the first time this year, and hope to have some tomatoes and green beans to put up.

  75. Melissa Greenwood says:

    I love to can…I keep a huge veggie garden and grow berries and fruit trees- I live in New England, so opening a jar of deliciousness in the middle of snowy winter is a breath of summer! I grow organically so knowing what goes into our food is so important to me. I am very upset about the regular canning lids, thank you for telling us about the Tattler lids!

  76. Jennifer says:

    Lucky us! We’ve already put away green plum chutney and meyer lemon marmalade. I’d like to do a meyer lemon curd, plum jam, more chutneys, and some wine. Of course. 😉

  77. Keri McKenzie Kemble says:

    I’ll be making preserves: strawberry, blackberry, blenheim apricot, peach; and roasting + freezing all the excess tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers my garden can produce. Now that I know about Tattler lids, I’ll definitely need to track some down.

  78. Rachel Wolf says:

    Sallie, We LOVE canned chicken and venison. When we lived off-grid canning meat was the only way to go for us. I was skeptical but wowed by the results. ~ Rachel

  79. Marvel LaPorte says:

    I have just always canned grew up that way it saves money for sure and its the best food around. I would love to get more squash put up this year and corn. Ran out so need to do more lol. When I buy 100 lbs of squash at a place they look at me like I’m crazy but its the best time to have the oven going in the fall. You don’t have to turn your furnace on that way lol

  80. KellyC says:

    This is my first year canning and I’m loving it. I’ve gone through my first 4 dozen Tattler lids already and now need some more to finish out the year. I still want to make sure I have pickles and more tomatoes canned before the summer is over.

  81. Carolyn says:

    I just started canning last fall and am very excited to make rhubarb jelly this year. I like canning because I have nice gifts to give my friends and I can make them all organic and bpa free.

  82. anna says:

    Oh how I miss my weck jars! That’s all I used when I was living in Germany. We have been putting up some strawberry jam with lavender. But I have been making freezer jam for now b/c of the BPA issue. I would love to try those lids out, since tomatoes (salsa, pizza and pasta sauce…) are coming soon 🙂

  83. Erin B. says:

    Canning saved my family when hubby was out of work for 19 months! My sister told me about tattlers and I have wanted to try them. She exploded a jar while tightening the lids (according to directions) so, as a more experienced canner, I would like to work with them a little bit. I am the canning specialist in my church so it would be a great way to get the work out about Tattlers as well. : ) Headed over to facebook now!

  84. Sandra says:

    I’m growing 4 colors of sweet peppers that I want to put up in a garlic and caper relish. Divine stuff! I will also be putting up jars of heirloom tomato products, apple products, peaches, and beans!

    I love the idea of being in control of my food sources. I also like the idea of eating seasonally. I was listening to Fresh Air today as they talked about the big problems with Florida tomatoes. I love having my own supply that can sustain my family through the winter! And I’m learning so much thanks to sites like this one!

  85. Mabry says:

    I have a quickly ripening cherry tree right outside my apartment door. I better hurry and get picking before the birds beat me to it! I’ll definitely be making sour cherry preserves. Also looking forward to making Strawberry Margarita Jam this year! I like to preserve both for the unique flavor combinations I can make myself, and also for all that doesn’t go into the jars. I’d love the chance to try out the Tattler lids. Thanks!

  86. Cindie Hantho says:

    I just heard about these lids. I’m canning peaches, pears, apples, pickled vegis and more. I want to feed my family the way God intended so I grow our vegis and berries and they taste so much better than store bought for sure.

  87. Sue says:

    WOW! I didn’t know. Anyway, I’ll definitely be doing pickled beans, cauliflower and okra and frozen corn (on the cob and kernels). Anything else will depend on what grows in our garden and what I find at the farmer’s markets.

  88. Joan says:

    There’s nothing better than opening a jar of strawberry preserves, that you made, in the middle of January. It tastes like summer…:)

  89. Debbie Schnell says:

    I could use about a hundred of these lids! Thanks for the info about the metal lids containing BPA, I was unaware, but now I am concerned about all the things already in my pantry.
    I liked Clean, Tattler and this post on Facebook and posted a link to this post. I tweeted about the giveaway and emailed a link to a friend who has just started canning this season 😉
    Thanks again, so happy to have found your wonderful blog!

  90. Brooke says:

    I would love to learn how to can, and am slowly gathering supplies. My inlays can a ton of stuff and we love getting some of their hatvest every year, including salmon and tuna!!! (they live in Oregon on the coast)

  91. judy workman says:

    Believe it or not, I am most excited to put up green beans for the winter. It is what we eat the most of, so it makes sense to have a lot on hand.

  92. Rachel B says:

    I’m dying to try those new lids! I use the regular ones for canning, and also when I pack lunch and snacks in jars instead of tupperware. It makes me sad that they have chemicals in them!

  93. says:

    I have been coveting those lids for a year! I am completely obsessed with syrups this season. I’ve got pineapple mandarin, citrus dandylion, rhubarb, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb…I’ve got cherry planned as well as some clover I think. They’re all for an amazing cocktail party sometime in the future. Yum!

  94. CathyB says:

    We’ve just recently moved here and it’s been fun to see what has already been planted around our yard. We have had lots of rhubarb, and a yummy bramble we can’t name. But I’m really looking forward to putting up salsa from our garden.

  95. rachel z says:

    I started canning strawberry jam, pickled scapes, and grapefruit rhubarb jam. I will have a ton of radishes soon that are gonna need to be put up. I don’t buy canned food anymore because of the bpa levels, but i would love to get my canning stuff up to speed.

  96. Angela Watts says:

    Reading about Amish strawberries door-to-door is enough motivation right there. Remembering my grandparents out in western PA putting up a pantry and freezer full of garden goodness is my motivation. Following blogs like yours is my reminder to strive to do more even in my tiny apartment. I am striving to make small batch jams and jellies in flavors I would probably not normally buy as well as the basics we buy all the time.

  97. Teruska says:

    Definitely some more bread and butter jalapenos… and some carrot-habanero hot sauce for my niece and nephew’s official wedding hot sauce!

  98. Jennifer says:

    I can because I have food sensitivities, and it’s cheaper to do that buying special food at the store off season. I have great plans – we’ll see what I have the energy to do this year!

  99. Jessica says:

    I was introduced to canning this year, and I am hooked! The best part of canning is being able to make something for your friends and family. Using organic fruits and veggies will help lower the risk of cancer, and these lids are an awesome way to keep the fight going!

  100. SuzanneM says:

    I like knowing that I am supporting our local farmers (especially in this drought). Freshly picked peaches by my family for peach jam and peach pit jelly is awesome. I like that I got to use the whole thing and nothing went to waste. I am hoping that my own cucumber crop results in some yummy pickles. I would love to try these lids for my jars. Trying to go BPA-free since I have had my son was my initial goal in the first place. Being able to reuse a lid makes me happy too.

  101. Angie says:

    I would love to get jam canned this year – i always say that and never get to it. Freezing as much as I can of anything that I can 🙂 Thanks for the info on the lids – no idea.

  102. cindi says:

    I can food because I like knowing what’s in it! And thank you for the blogpost about BPA in canning lids…I had no idea. I’ll be trying out the Tattler lids for sure!

  103. Elizabeth says:

    I want to put away some yummy Cherry Pie filling. What motivates me to can the most if the love I put into the food I feed my family and friends.

  104. Elizabeth says:

    Just sent this to a friend who plans to can some yummy jam this year. Love the creative things I can put into a jar. It makes canning a creative process! 🙂

  105. Nell says:

    Thanks for the information-would love to win! Either way I will be looking at bpa free options for canning this season…

  106. Diane Var says:

    I am planning to can salsa this year. I haven’t done it for a few years, and I miss it. I like knowing exectly what’s in my food. It’s important for me and my family. Thanks!

  107. nayyirah shariff says:

    Everything! I just started canning this year and I wanted to can because it is cheaper in the long term and it’s liberating to have this skill . It puts you on the path of self-sufficiency. I’ve canned strawberries and marmalade. I can’t wait to can collards and turnip greens.

  108. Beth C. says:

    I’ve never heard of these before! Definitely going to have to check them out…

    I will be doing dried berries, shrubs, frozen fruits/veggies, and hopefully, a TON of tomatoes. I just like knowing where our food comes from, and showing my children that it doesn’t just magically pop up in the stores 😉

  109. Kris says:

    Just heard about these lids this morning! I need some for jellies and homemade spaghetti sauce!

  110. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these lids. I have used them and they work great! I’ll be canning local fruits and making lots of jams. Can’t wait until our local Berry Patch Farms berries are ready for picking!The motivations are many but especially organic, eating local and in season.

  111. Terry says:

    Among other things (just finished rhubarb-raspberry jam), I’m planning on hot garlic dill pickles. I’m also going to a salsa making class soon. I’ve never tried canning salsa before. Can’t wait!

  112. says:

    Oh my gosh…we are canning anything we can get our hands on! Supporting local farmers, (too wet this spring and I didn’t get a garden in) and I know exactly what is in the food I feed my family and friends.

  113. Nicole says:

    I just canned 3 flats of local strawberries. Lots and lots of jars of jam and made four batces of strawberry ice cream and vacuum packed a few pints. I love canning local food because I know how it was raised and many farms around us let the kids and myself you pick for great prices for sweeter healther food 🙂

  114. Cathy says:

    argh! It is almost impossible to keep the clean foods we choose clean! Thanks for the article. I need, yes need, to put away more tomatoes this summer. We ran out in December last year, I way underestimated our usage. There in such abundance locally and taste amazing.

  115. Kerry says:

    We are moving Aug 1 (and live in CO), so this year our preserving is somewhat limited b/c no tomatoes or cukes will be ready in our garden by the time we move. We’ll do pressure canned beets, green beans, and I’ve made ~ 50 2 oz jars of jams/jellies/butters (lilac jelly, strawberry-rhubarb jam, orange-rhubarb butter, and next up sour cherry jam) to give away as gifts at our wedding reception in early Aug. I would love to try the BPA-free lids 🙂

  116. Robin says:

    Can’t wait to try tattler lids! I’m canning green beans for the first time this year! 🙂 And tomatoes like every year… so better tasting and good for us, too!

  117. says:

    Just finished getting my pickle relish in soak for tomorrow’s canning. Put up more veggies, etc. than ever before this spring and summer. Love it! Thanks for the lid offer.

  118. Jenny says:

    Oh great…..I had no idea…..and we use mason jars for EVERYTHING! Gotta get me some of those lids. I plan to can apple sauce for the first time this year using apples from my OWN tree. 🙂 I think its finally big enough.

  119. Holly says:

    Hmmm, canning – tomatoes, peaches, pears, applesauce.

    Freezing – raspberries! I’m addicted. And I need to get as many stuffed into my freezer as I can. Plus put up some more white peach/raspberry jam. It’s delicious.

  120. Sarah says:

    Oh, to can! I love putting up food. I love the food independence. Jams, pickles, non-pickled beets, more pickles, and still more pickles. This year I’d like to try tomato sauce from our homegrown tomatoes as well as freezing greens. How do you freeze your greens? In plastic? I’ve not yet done much freezing of things, except a bazillion pounds of blueberries every year. I know it saves the nutrients better than hot-water baths do, but I love the shelf-stableness of the resultant food.

    Thanks for the tip on Tattler lids! Not surprised about the BPA, but sad to hear it.


  121. Rachel Wolf says:

    Cheryl, Wonderful! I ‘called upon’ my grandma when I canned for the first time. It wasn’t working at first (her old pressure canner) so I turned my back to the stove, closed my eyes and said “Okay, grandma. I need your help!”) And I heard it pressurize one second later. Here’s to our grandmas!

  122. Rachel Wolf says:

    Kimberly, I mostly freeze and ferment (for the sake of nutrition) but for the sake of freezer space can a few items. Jam, tomatoes, etc. And yes, the lids rust!

  123. Rachel Wolf says:

    I either freeze in plastic or in glass jars. I haven’t found a better way than those. I blanch them then freeze on a cookie sheet and transfer to a zip bag or mason jar. Not ideal, but I don’t have a better plan.

  124. Valérie Dugas says:

    I like to can and freeze (tomatoes, apple sauce, jams, ketchup, pickles…) because my garden produce too much for me and my boyfriend. This way we can enjoy our vegetables all year long and keep from wasting good food.

  125. Dawn says:

    We are canning tons of tomatoes this year! Knowing your food didn’t have to travel halfway across the country is a great feeling.

  126. Amanda says:

    I am in a pickling mood this year so lots of veg next to the steady stream of jams and butters that happen every year. Think the Tattler lids just look super cool.

  127. Julie says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for bringing these lids up on your blog – I was just looking at buying some last night and hadn’t decided. I love putting food by and feel like such a hunter-gatherer/gardener all season long (kind of on the short side here in Maine). I’d love to try out the lids!

  128. chris says:

    Started the season with jams ( strawberry and blueberry), this week might be a chicken week mostly because the wild blackberries aren’t ready yet. The garden is busy making maters, peppers and cukes. I love to can because I can control what goes into the jars, Keepin the chemicals out helps.

  129. Jenifer says:

    We can and freeze as much as we grow–beans, tomatoes, blueberry syrup, apple sauce, apple butter, greens, peppers, peaches, pickles, relish, corn, you name it. Pursuing self-sufficiency is our main motivator, as well as knowing what is in our food. And, the connection between the earth and ourselves. Actually, I can’t think of any good reason to not perserve our own local food.

  130. Crystal says:

    I’ve just started canning this year. So far I’ve made several batches of strawberry rhubarb freezer jam and took the plunge and processed batch of the most gorgeous and delicious violet jelly. Now I’m hooked, and eager to can anything and everything that crosses my path! I stumbled across a recipe for a Mulberry Jam that I can’t wait to try — I have memories of summer days spent at my parent’s camp, eating the mulberries right off the tree.

  131. amanda says:

    i’ve already done pickled asparagus and a rhubarb juice concentrate. i was planning on trying to can weekly, but life happens and this doesn’t seem like it will be the year for me. i hope to have a few more canning sessions this season, and this might sounds silly, but one thing that motivates me to do it is the way all those jars look sitting on the shelf!

  132. Marilyn says:

    My family lives in the colorado mts and every season we either have power outages, and the possibility of getting snowed in is an every winter happening!… It is always great to head downstairs to “heat up a meal” My friends think Im crazy! I love the flavor and the experience of canning something new!

    I have been watching the Tattlers…but just have not taken the plunge!

  133. kate says:

    Thanks for sharing this company. I have been ignoring my jar lids bpa for awhile as I felt there was no alternative.

  134. Ginna says:

    Just had a group of friends over for an apricot canning and drying session. Great way to spend a summer day.

  135. Ginna says:

    Blueberry Jam has been my favorite this year because my peach and apple trees are taking a rest year.

  136. Ginna says:

    My other favorite thing is Fig Jam, Mission Figs are the best and they make a beautiful purple jam.

  137. Rosemarie says:

    These look great! They would be an awesome addition to our canning, since we are just getting started. We are trying to go fruit picking every week and make jams all summer long.

  138. Katie says:

    This year we are moving cross country in the middle of harvest season, so I’m keeping my canning ambitions limited to jellies to give away before we go. I need to use up some pectin!

  139. Kris says:

    I’ve already made strawberry jam. If nothing else, I definitely want to put up some tomato sauce. Store bought just doesn’t come close to opening up a jar of summertime in the winter.

  140. Lea says:

    I heard about BPA in the lids last summer. How great that you found an alternative. I’m going to try to do some tomatoes this summer if I can find a good supply. I like to can and freeze because we just have some awesome food here in Wisconsin!

  141. Olivia says:

    I want to put by beets! I grew some bulls blood beets this year and i think they’re coming along great. I love the satisfaction of working with local (and sometimes even homegrown!) foods, and canning provides the opportunity to have those foods more time throughout the year.

  142. Devon H says:

    One thing I am excited to put up this year is tons and tons of apricot butter (I didn’t make any last year, and I love it so). Well, two things: I also need to make a crap load of Italian plum jam. I made 10 half pints last year, and I have 2 left. Everyone that tried it is begging for more!!!

    What motivates me to preserve the harvest is multi-fold: food independence, health, better quality, money-saving, and passing on skills learned that have in previous decades fallen by the wayside (thankfully, a growing number of people are relearning and putting a stop to the dying-out).

  143. Carlyn says:

    I always put up at least 14 quarts of tomato sauce, 12 pints of salsa, pickles of all types, peaches, jams, beans…we have a room in the basement that by fall is stuffed with canned food, and this time of year looks sadly lean. I can because I like to know EXACTLY what is in my food and I like to eat locally to help our environment and economy. I enjoyed reading your blog and will be following your future posts!

  144. Jody says:

    I plan on canning a lot…but tomatoes in various forms is the bulk of my canning. I would love to try these!

  145. Leslie says:

    Canning…it just feels right! A few years back I frequently passed this piece of property for sale that had an apricot orchard on it. It was during the picking season and as I saw the fruit being left to rot on the ground, I drove up and asked if I could bring in friends to harvest the trees. I was SO sad that the answer was NO because they were concerned with liability in case of accidents. As if we wouldn’t have been glad to sign away our rights in exchange for the chance to harvest!

    This year, I’m preparing (along with some family members) to have a ‘pear party’ in September. We’re each purchasing 80 lbs of pears. Wish us luck!

  146. Leslie says:

    And I finished by sharing this post on FB! I don’t Twitter, so I’m missing out there. Too bad 🙁

  147. says:

    Today our little one turned one year old and we ate the frozen raspberries we picked last year on her birthing day. Yes, we spent the day picking…all that squatting and moving around made for a fast labor later that evening : )

    Mike makes a great enchilada sauce. When we pull it out in the winter we always think, “Oh this is so good, why didn’t we make more?!?”

    Thanks for the birthday sweet potato!

  148. Becca Riley says:

    We already did strawberries. I plan on doing cherries with my niece, tomatoes and any other vegetables that are ready in my Parent’s garden the week I’m there, and any fruits I can find at the farmer’s market the rest of the summer. I don’t have a pressure canner myself, so I’ll have to be satisfied with what I can do at my Mom’s.

    I like cooking with, canning and eating local produce because it tastes better, and supports the local economy.

    I’ve wanted to try these lids for a while now, and this BPA news makes me in even more of a hurry to get them.

  149. Joanna Ruth says:

    I’m hoping to do some veggies and tomato products for the first time. I’m working on an organic farm this summer (also a first) and will really enjoy being reminded of the summer while being stuck indoors this winter.

  150. Pamela R says:

    Wow. You think if your canning it yourself….

    Anyway, it would be great to try these. I’m venturing beyond fruit, beans, tomatoes, etc. to try soup this year. Wouldn’t it be fun to come home and open a can of soup? 🙂

  151. Laura Jeanne says:

    I can and freeze local food more for the excellence of the taste than for the cost–because really, driving out into the country for an hour to pick blueberries and then back again isn’t very cost effective. But the berries are so worth it!

    The main thing I can is jam, and lots of it–strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, grape jelly, and apple butter.

  152. Courtney says:

    I just found out about these lids, so I’m excited to try them out. I love canning jam. This year it will be ollalieberry, raspberry, and strawberry. Yum!

  153. Amanda says:

    Right now what is motivating me to can is my garden. I have a serious influx of zuccini and cucumbers. Plus the farmers market and pick your own fields are bursting with all the fresh berries of the season. I’ve wanted to try these lids. I was going to put them on my Christmas wishlist this year.

  154. Roberta says:

    Ooooooh, I’d love to win the Tattler canning rings! I have strawberry jam and white peach and ginger jam to put up, and green beans, and the tomatoes are just atarting to come in. I’ve already pickled beets this year (my kids LOVE beets — they dye your tongue purple-red, and they get to stick their tongues out at the table to show everyone). Later in the year is applesauce. And of course, zucchini if I can figure out how to can it (canned zucchini straight up will not be exciting to my family).

    I’m jealous of your garlic scapes. We tried them one year in Puget Sound, and loved them. Roasted in the oven at 400 with a little olive oil. But down here in Southeren California, we can’t find them at all. I’ve asked at the farmer’s market, and the garlic grower had no idea what I was talking about. I’m going to have to grow my own to get them.

  155. Danielle says:

    It’s nice to know there’s a more affordable option for BPA-free canning. I have a whole row of San Marzano tomatoes just begging to be put away this year.

  156. Luann says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the old lids. I will definitely be switching! I expanded my garden this year to twice the size in order to be able to make organic baby foods for my Grandchildren. I also used my flower boxes for onions this year! It feels so good when you put different food up and people love them! Thanks for the chance to win some lids.

  157. april says:

    i’m excited about canning jelly and tomatoes this summer – dreaming of pantry shelves full of beautiful cans!

  158. GmaTerri says:

    My sister forwarded your link to me because we both can as we’re able. Mostly we do grape jelly, pomegranate jelly, pomegranate molasses (all grown by me), persimmons, and then whatever we can find locally. I love supporting our local farmers, so I buy as local as I can and enjoy the fresh flavor that cannot be found in a grocery store.

  159. hillary says:

    Oh, I’m so happy to learn about these lids! This year I’ll be canning loads of tomatoes and tomato sauces, blackberry and strawberry jam, applesauce, and pickles galore.

  160. Jess says:

    Favorite thing I am looking forward to canning this summer? Blackberries. They grow in an amazing canyon along a creek between Flagstaff and Sedona in AZ. I love getting home after a long day of picking with purple hands and scratched arms and feeling like you really earned those berries! What makes me can and preserve? I feel like it really taps me into the rhythm of the seasons, which feels grounding in a way. And it just feels good! Thanks for the give away Rachel!

  161. Alyssa says:

    I try to freeze a lot, but do can applesauce and pickled goods… thanks for turning me on to this product, Rachel!

  162. Kara says:

    Ooh! What a lovely give-away.

    I am still a beginning canner — so far I’ve done pickles, jam and tomatoes. But I’ve got some books and would love to make more!

  163. Kara says:

    I also e-mailed to some friends and posted it on my homeschool group (that doesn’t officially count, but there has been a lot of canning discussion on there lately!) :o)

  164. Esther says:

    I’d like to can peaches. I’ve never done it, but have a friend that could teach me. I’d love to win some of these lids. I’ll share the post with my sister who cans a lot. Thanks for sharing with me.

  165. miss link says:

    Weed Pesto! We are plagued/blessed with nettles, chickweed, pigweed, catmint, monarda and purslane. I’m allergic to life so i try to eat as many nettles as possible and it thrills me to see my kids eating it as well. You can get kids to eat just about anything if it is slathered on a noodle. In addition to the weeds I add whatever herbs are in abundance – basil, parsley, thyme, oregano, scapes or green garlic as well as homemade cheese. I freeze most of it but it is nice to can some in quilted jelly jars because it makes a great little gift. I had no idea that conventional lids had bpa in them – what a bummer!! Thanks for the hot tip – consider us converts!

  166. Libby says:

    Jam, as always, but all the greens! So many greens. I need to get better with preserving them because we simply do not eat them all.
    I am also tickled by the coupon code. This time of year is always full of lame jokes for me.

  167. Rachel says:

    I hope to have an over-abundance of figs for jam… my oh my, delicious! And I’ve not canned much before (save a few jars of fig jam last year) so I want to try more… anything, really. 🙂

  168. sherrieg says:

    I’ve been reading about these and am dying to try them. I’m eternally searching for the perfect salsa recipe to can, so that’s a big one on my list, up there with tomato sauce. And lavender peach jam – my new favourite. 🙂

  169. Jennifer Jopp says:

    I really want to can tomatoes this year. Couldn’t last year because I was pregnant and too sick. I would love to try this product – we’re really trying to buy healthier foods/products.

  170. laura says:

    i’d lOve to try these out! i’m definitely a lover of growing my own and buying local and seasonal whenever possible(not to mention helping to organize our own farmers’ market here in the town i call home!). what better way to eat the healthiest, freshest foods we can while supporting our neighbors!?

  171. Lori says:

    Working on strawberry jam and strawberry/rhubarb jam tonight, and the black raspberries are almost ready, can’t wait for them. Love this time of year!

  172. sandi ratch says:

    Rhubarb juice – it’s very much like lemonade! I want to know where my food comes from and what’s been sprayed on it. The more I learn about industrial farming, the more disgusted I get. Have you read “Tomatoland” yet?

  173. sandi ratch says:

    Rhubarb juice – it’s like lemonade. I like knowing what is in my food – and what is not sprayed on it. The more I know about industrial farming, the more concerned I get. Have you read “Tomatoland” yet?

  174. Heidi-Paul Krueger-Cummings says:

    Strawberrys now, tomatoes and cukes later…for lots and lots of goodies! I am certain as the summer unfolds so will the produce for canning….on another note, we offically started our manifest boards!!! LOVE ♥ thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  175. katie steege says:

    thanx so much for the giveaway!
    i love the idea of canning pork n beans … totally gonna give that a whirl!
    otherwise, we can the usuals … tomatoes, dilly beans, beets, pickles, etc. so yum!!
    have a wonderful weekend!

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