Today we are… (the good, the bad, the disgusting)



This was the post I began when I woke up. I typed up a sweet little list of what we intended to get to today, as seen below. I was really looking forward to this cloudy, quiet Friday to nest inside a bit. The list I made for you this morning follows:

Today we are…

Making butter.

Sewing underwear.

Cleaning house.

Making chai.

Seeing off my mom who's been here for the week.


What does Friday bring to your world?

And then… the real today happened. Yes, Sage made the butter (and the biggest mess my kitchen has seen in three months.) I made the chai. And folded some laundry. I picked out fabric for some homemade unders for my kids.

But then the toilet overflowed. In a big way. Like inches of standing water on the tile floor before anyone noticed. And when the "WATER EVERYWHERE!!!" call came down the hall, Pete and I were examining a red bullseye rash on Lupine (Lyme disease). So there were hours (literally) of toilet water clean up. And after that for the first time in ages we found ourselves at the doctor and then the pharmacy for antibiotics. Really? Antibiotics? For Lupine?

What a day.

So yes, sometimes the day (or the week) doesn't shake out quite like you expect. Sometimes everything goes haywire and you just have to ride it out.

Today is one of those days over here.

I'm always on the search for the silver lining. But even that can be hard to discern sometimes. So I keep finding myself with the Rescue Remedy in one hand and chai in the other, wondering what exactly the silver lining is.

Hmmm… on the upside the bathroom is now really, really clean, as is the basement underneath said bathroom.

I am officially calling a do-over on today. Contemplating putting on my pajamas (not the pair I had on for clean up this morning however) and pretending it's 7 AM again. I am also hoping for some serious quality time with my sewing machine and perhaps an unreasonably large bowl of homemade sorbet.

Yes. That might help.


Love to all.




22 thoughts on “Today we are… (the good, the bad, the disgusting)

  1. Lori says:

    Wow, I would say you need a do over for today. Tell me about rescue remedy. I’ve seen it but haven’t looked at it much. And my question, as always, is it safe to use while nursing ?

  2. casey says:

    Ohhh Rachel, I’m so sorry you had such a rough start to the day. I hope tomorrow is better, and that Lupine feels better soon. Sometimes we need a little bad to truly appreciate the good… but today seems a little excessive for you. 🙁

  3. says:

    I feel like this kind of day is my norm – I inevitably break something (into smithereens on the kitchen floor, of course, just in time for the barefooted baby to come in), my 3-year-old decides she’s too busy to poop on the potty, while making pasta sauce for homemade pizza it bubbles and sputters all over the stovetop and counter and floor… *sigh*

    No matter how determined I am to be cheerful, to do fun things with the kiddos, something always seems to get in the way. Arrrgh!

    I’m always telling my husband that certain areas of the house must be really clean because of how often I need to clean them. It doesn’t feel like it, knowing what has touched the surfaces, but I’m trusting in my cleaning supplies. 😛

    Oh – for lunch I made me and the kiddos blueberry smoothies. Soooo good! Homemade yogurt, frozen blueberries, vanilla, sweetener, a bit of orange juice if you want – sweet, thick, purpley goodness!

  4. Roxy Schow says:

    Oh goodness! When it rains, it pours – at least that is my experience with days that are bold enough not to follow the “plan”. On those days, I declare “natural disaster” and just do something I really want to do, starting over again tomorrow Hope Lupine recovers quickly and easily . . . not had experience in that area but have heard it can be yucky, so warm wishes coming her way!

  5. Tori S. says:

    Sometimes you just have to put those pj’s back on, crawl back in bed, and reset the day by taking a nap and rewaking up if that makes sense. I think days like those are to remind you of all the good that you do have in your life on a regular basis. Sometimes, it’s just a little nudge, a reminder, and you feel grateful even more after the dust settles. Luckily, the kids are resilient, and will bounce back quickly after a bad day. They will also watch you to see how you handle stress…my mom, would have a total melt down, end of the world every time things happened. Anything, in fact. That translated into me not being able to handle stress well most of my life, and having to stop, and unravel all that she’s taught me about “bad” things or “bad” events that happen. It’s all in your way of deciphering it.
    On any note, that was then this is now, and maybe some down time was needed, and the universe told you so! 🙂

  6. HB says:

    A chinese medicine guy in riverfalls, wi, got rid of my husband’s lyme disease. Let me know if you want his info.

  7. Anne says:

    Sorry to hear about your day, but that homemade sorbet sounds wonderful. Hope the rest of the day and each day after is better.

  8. Tammy Olson says:

    Really sorry to hear about Lupine. That’s the really big drawback about this beautiful area. Warm thoughts are sent your way for your family. Hope your able to spend some time with your sewing machine this weekend, it’s the perfect weather for that. May you find that silver lining!

  9. Rachel Wolf says:

    From conversations weve had in the past I think you would love rescue remedy! It is a very gentle anti-anxiety, useful for your whole family. (We do also have a kid version called Kinder Garten which we love.) I used it all through pregnancy and nursing. You can get it at the coop.

    ~ Rachel

  10. Rachel Wolf says:

    I agree with the clean/dirty feeling about the floors/walls/etc. I know too much. I curse my moment the night before of looking at the floor and thinking I should really mop. Be careful what you wish for…

    ~ Rachel

  11. Mary says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Wow. Sounds like one crazy day…
    It sounds like one of those stories that you’ll ONE DAY… laugh. Maybe. Sometimes pj’s are the best way…
    (Minus the Lyme Disease, that’s terrible. Sweet Lupine, I hope you heal soon, with lots of vibrancy! I am not sure how far this is from you- I live in Oregon- but a Naturopathic physician- Mary Bove- is a colleague that I respect immensely- practices here:
    and it appears they do work with individuals with Lyme Dz.)
    Blessings for a day of joy and ease tomorrow,

  12. Mary says:

    Now I just feel silly, I had it in my mind you live in Vemont… I’ll look to see if anyone knows any Lyme literate physicians in your area,if you’d like…

  13. Angela says:

    Yes I do think you deserve a do-over but you guys really pulled together throughout a terrible mess of a day. Thank goodness you caught the bullesye (some people never show it) and I wish Lupine and all of you the very best!
    I think I would have more than a big bowl of sorbet. I would have that and some cookies!

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