Unschooling. Making Plant Medicine.

Thanks for all the wonderful words on last week's giveaway post! We have a winner… Sherrie from Twenty-Two Pleasant who said:

"A BOOK?! Congratulations! That's so exciting. A scent combo? Something with basil eo… it's got that nice licorice-y hint, but sweet and lovely. :)"

Really, everyone. Your words floored me (teared me up even), and your suggestions were wonderful! Thanks for being a part of my story here in this space.

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The post below I planned to share with you weeks ago! But I got caught up in all sorts of emotional talk with you (and a good deal of sewing) and forgot to share until today.









When we came down with the fever/sniffles/sore throat business last month Sage's eyes sparkled. "Let's make plant medicine, mama!" We pulled out a few of our favorite books and started reading. We chose recipes for loznges, throat sprays, teas, and tinctures and set to work.

This is why I unschool. For moments like this. Where their interest is on fire and they participate in every part of the process: determining formulas and measurements, working simple math, writing recipes, and learning about every aspect of the medicine making. Sage tucked all the tinctures and infuions here and there in jars in our cupboards and thought they are only a day old has checked them often.




Lupine's participation, age appropriately, was more simple. Some measuring, lots of licorice root tasting, and the spacial and fine-motor work of determining the correct size jar lid to screw onto each jar. Oh, and eating honey when I wasn't looking. There was that.

We all measured, ground, sifted and stirred the herbs. We all chose the recipes for the conditions most suited to us. It was alchemy.

And then we tried a few of our concoctions. The lozenges were a hit, especially with Lupine who might be faking a sore throat for weeks to come. And the throat spray, well…





Between squeals he squeaked, "Too…much…goldenseal!" and then, "But my throat feels great!"

6 thoughts on “Unschooling. Making Plant Medicine.

  1. marniduff@yahoo.com says:

    What an empowering and educational experience for them. I love that you are showing them that they can know and heal themselves, with some basic knowledge and resources, and awareness of themselves.
    I need to do a little book research and explore, I want to pass that legacy to my kids also!

  2. Sherrie says:

    Yay! I am SO excited about winning the giveaway! Just let me know what to do. Thank you, thank you! And mmmm, licorice root! It’s my favourite, too. It’s wonderful how you involved Sage and Lupine in the full process – such a great way to learn so many things. Love the little book idea, too!

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