Welcome, June Sponsors!


What can I say. I am soaking up all of the love in your comments on yesterday's post. So amazing. I'm honored by what you have shared – floored actually – and appreciate all the love.

Today we're off to a homeschool potluck and to do some horseback riding (a favorite part of our week, with some other homeschooling friends), so I'm gone for the day, but just needed to say thank you for your kindness.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Welcome sponsors, new and old!

Didymos – exceptional baby carriers

Life Without Plastic – glass and stainless products for your home

Rebourne – recycled and green handmade gear for mother and baby

Continuum Family – natural parenting essentials

Aurora Shoes – handmade leather shoes

WaldorfMama – Knitting and Waldorf inspiration from a mama of my own heart

Sparkle Stories – Audio stories for children and families

Dental Essentials – supplements for a cavity free childhood


If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, please drop me a note! delight@lusaorganics.com We'd love to have you.

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