Making Room for our Dreams.

~ { While I leave you for a week long summer break I am sharing with you a series of posts from years gone by. I know you will enjoy them! I'll be back soon with fresh posts and fresh stories from our week. Happy summer, Rachel } ~

Did I really write this almost a year ago? Our day-to-day this summer has us in the kitchen putting food by and cruising the countryside searching for our farm. It is so close. Just you watch. So close! I'll keep you posted on what happens next.


Have you ever been so dialed in to something that you want that think about it night and day? An obsession where you can only imagine this dream coming together and you can't even conceive of any obstacles lying in your path? Like it is already there – already done. It's just waiting for you to show up and make it yours.

Pete and I are in that place right now. I'd even say the kids are there too. (Its easier for them, after all. They believe in magic and dreams without reservations.)


Pete and I never meant to live in town. We've been together for sixteen years and aside from our current home (where we've lived for almost four years) we have only spent three years in town. We are country people, living in a ranch house in town.

Our business is growing fast and it has outgrown the space we have for it in our current location. So we've started looking for a new place for the business, and a new place for our family. We've re-started our dreams.

And every single one of us is ready to get back to the land. Now that the embers of this dream have been fanned it is almost all we can talk or think about.

That's pretty powerful.

We spent yesterday out and about, dreaming and planning and exploring the countryside. And it felt so good. To make plans for acres of gardens, herbs, and flowers. To dream of sheep, chickens, and bees. To make plans to raise the raw materials our business needs to thrive, the food for our table, and a surplus to get us through the winter.


So I guess today I am thinking about dreams of all sizes, about manifestation, about getting what we want in this life and living an experience of presence and joy in every minute. I'm all for that. Each of us has a dream that's just below the surface. What will happen if you let it come up for air? If you feed it and nurture it and live like it is Truth?

I think it would be self-fulfilling and before you know it that truth would be there in your everyday. That's what I'm counting on anyway.

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