We are Home!







Our week away was full of family and time outside. After my Great Aunt's funeral we spent some time with my parents and then part of a week alone alongside the river.






Relaxing by the fire.

Dancing with sparklers.

Staying up late.

Sleeping in.

Morning tea on the dock, eagles overhead.

Fantastic food.

Crafting. (Of course.)

2011-07-12 19.53.04

Yes, there were projects done by each of us which is a sure sign of bliss. (We aren't so much leisure people and free time for Pete and I is usually filled with making of one sort or another.) Pete's projects were manly repair projects around the cabin: the railing, the shed, the tiller. Mine were of the sewing variety (Yes, yes. I brought my machine with me.) I made an outfit for Lupine and four sweet dolls – three for my Etsy shop (above) and one for my boy. The kids made some magical terrariums. And we made marshmallows. Homemade honey-sweetened GAPS-friendly marshmallows. (Oh my. These were good.)



And today we are home. Doing laundry, emptying bags, and settling back into life at home. We're jumping back into our work week and dreaming of the next adventure that will take us back north again.

20 thoughts on “We are Home!

  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thank you Jenny. I am addicted to making dolls. You might be too! I will share her next week. She is so darn sweet! She was headed to my shop but took a detour (as they often do around here.) ~ Rachel

  2. Sandy says:

    Hello Racheal, I’ve been reading and looking forward to your blogs for a few months now. Our finances took a downward spiral about a year ago, so I started reading everything I could about being frugal. All are very helpful, but yours help me appreciate the joys in life. Reading your blogs reminds me to “just breath”. Thank you!

  3. Karla says:

    I finally made natural marshmallows! I used an old recipe I’ve used before with sucess (http://www.browniepointsblog.com/2006/04/15/basic-vanilla-marshmallows/), and just substituted rapadura for the sugar and honey for the corn syrup. I made half a batch so I wouldn’t get too carried away. 🙂 We had some before it set up in homemade hot chocolate – like marshmallow fluff! Since the rapadura has the molasses content they have a unique flavor.

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