A Picnic.



Our weekend tend to be a to-do list marathon. This weekend, like every weekend surely was. There were cabinet doors to stain and seal, a headboard to construct, a kitchen to paint, windows to repair, cleaning to tackle, veggies to put by, and a bed frame to construct.

Somehow, come Sunday afternoon, we made time for rest.

I was running late on dinner so we had a snack to push off dinner time until the last coat of paint was up. It was nearing bedtime when the kids came running. "Picnic? In the country?" they pleaded. I couldn't argue with that. So while the paint dried in our kitchen we piled in the car and headed out of town. We didn't come back until way after bedtime.

I sometimes forget to pause. To sit. To relax. But when they remind me to stop and simply be, I'm so glad I did.












14 thoughts on “A Picnic.

  1. susan says:

    It seems like Sunday evening is the perfect time for relaxation. It pushes the reset button and lets you start the week with much more energy and enthusiasm. Glad you made time to get away.

    PS Don’t you just love your aurora shoes? I have the same pair and they are the most comfortable shoes ever. Although they do leave some funny tan lines 🙂

  2. Karlamcurry.wordpress.com says:

    Beautiful! It can be so hard to find a balance between work and play.

    Question – can you reuse your Tattler lids, or do you have to buy new ones with each batch? Also, I have some of my grandmother’s old canning jars with the glass lids and jar rubbers – have you ever used those?

  3. wordplayhouse.com says:

    We love picnics too. Quick to pack ones so it’s easier to have them more often:


    The best part is that when you are on a picnic you don’t have to get up, like you do from the kitchen table, to get one more glass you forgot or to grab a cloth to wipe up a spill. With a picnic you can just sit and enjoy each other. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful setting you were surrounded by for your picnic. So pretty. And I had to smile at the SAME smile your older daughter inherited from you!

  4. wordplayhouse.com says:

    To the reader above here: I picked up some jars like you inherited from your grandmother. The rubber seals were cracked and brittle, so I tossed them. The jars have been working wonderful for years now as pretty storage for bulk nuts and grains I buy…perhaps an idea for you.

  5. MountainMama says:

    We just love those Soft Star shoes too! Our whole family is decked out 🙂 We visited the shop in OR this summer, sooo fun! Love reading your blog, fellow WI homeschooling family here. Heres to Picnicking! Hip hip hooray!

  6. Rachel Wolf says:

    My mom just thirfted me some of the old jars with glass lids. I need to search online for the gaskets but yes, they are usable! (And gorgeous.) I reuse the tattlers. Just like other canning jars. Replace the worn or damaged rings.


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