Seeing Beauty.




We went for a walk and couldn't get to our favorite nettle patch because of the thistles. And then we saw they were covered with dancing butterflies.




I woke early and tired with a tight back. I stumbled into the kitchen and noticed that we should have mopped two weeks ago. And then I turned on the espresso machine and started my day, sitting in the warm sunshine, a sleepy smile on my face, my favorite mug full of goodness.


Sage wanted Pete's attention and play this morning before Pete was ready to leap into fathering. Sage was dissapointed. Then he remembered that I thrifted a mower yesterday and headed out gleefully, unasked, to mow the front yard.



…And I went to change our bedsheets and noticed my knitting lying there, and remembered how close I was to casting off the body, and delighted as much as Lupine does in the sparkles hidden in the yarn.

Most days it is simply a matter of perspective, now isn't it?

5 thoughts on “Seeing Beauty.

  1. Amy says:

    Isn’t it just so important to see beauty where you can? Sometimes I have to actually stop myself and take notice, or the days just rush by and I miss it…

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