Come Outside With Me.


Will you leave the laundry on the floor and the dishes in the sink and the toys where they lay? Will you follow me across the meadow and into the forest? If we put aside our burden of "shoulds" and our clocks and our distractions and simply follow the wind we might find magic waiting for us there. 





We'll pack a hasty picnic and eat it on a quilt spread in the tall grass. We can catch insects and explore seeds and pretend that we're hidden from all the world up here. Just us and the birds and the grasshoppers. We'll make forts and watch the milkweed seeds float across the sky. 




And then the forest will call us into her shadows. Will you crawl with me across the forest floor, searching for shells and seeds and mushrooms and gnomes? We will get dirt under our nails and scratches on our shins and burrs in our hair. But we might see signs a fairy house or a rainbow spider web or a snake that's bigger than me. Let's go explore…







We might miss bedtime and have to follow that big round moon to get back home but I don't mind. Because it will be a perfect day. And I wouldn't trade all that magic for all the clean dishes or folded laundry in the world.



12 thoughts on “Come Outside With Me.

  1. Laura says:

    This is lovely, I find myself saying so often in the day ‘I’ll just do this…’ and then all of a sudden the whole day is gone and I have missed it. Those self-imposed ‘shoulds’! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    It was HUGE! Over 5 long. I suspected it was a (harmless unless you are a rodent or small bird) rat snake, and we looked it up when we got home. It was. So amazing! The kids were absolutely reverent. ~ Rachel

  3. Noel says:

    So good to hear. You’ve just encouraged me to play with my children when they get home, rather than focus on my piles of yet to be folded laundry. Thanks for the reminder.

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