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Answering the age-old question: "What is at the end of the rainbow?" It's my kids! (Who knew?)

We're taking today off, sort of. Labor day around here is for manual labor. We'll be cleaning, finishing up some renovation projects, and enjoying the autumn weather outside in the garden. I hope if you are blessed with a day off today you are enjoying it with your family.






In other news, I have an article in the current issue of Living Crafts Magazine. The project I wrote uses the bounty of your herb garden to make a neck pillow, eye pillow, sachet, and bean bags/shooting stars. I have a few extra copies that I'd love to share!

To enter your name in the drawing, just leave a comment below. You can earn an extra entry or two by liking Clean and Living Crafts Magazine on Facebook. My favorite bonus entry of all is this: Via Facebook, twitter, or an email share the love (of my blog that is). Tell your friends why you come here and invite them to join you here.

Leave one comment for each entry please. I'll close comments later in the week.

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I'm fairly new to Clean and I am hooked! Thanks for a lovely blog and the kind giveaway — I'd love to win.

Good luck!




46 thoughts on “Living Crafts Magazine Giveaway.

  1. Anne in NC says:

    I’m fairly new to Clean and I am hooked! Thanks for a lovely blog and the kind giveaway — I’d love to win.

  2. Teri says:

    That’s a super fun craft and a great way for me to motivate to use all those herbs sitting in the garden bed!

  3. Kim Akari says:

    Oh my. I woke up in Cincinnati at 3:30 this morning and drove 11 hours home to Annapolis! I sure could use the pattern on how to make those adorable neck pillows. 🙂

  4. chris s says:

    Stopped by to reread the elderberry ticture directions. And now i’d love a chance to win a neat magazine.

  5. Mama Jen says:

    I love this blog and share it with each new mama to be by gifting them some lovely LuSa products and telling them about your blog! Blessings and peace.

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