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The rural corner of Wisconsin where I hail from, Vernon County, is the second poorest of the 72 counties in the state. Poor in dollars, maybe. But not in creativity, vision, magic, or art. In those I suspect we'd come out on top, per-capita. 

Take these quilts. They are fantastic, if I say so myself.

Handmade for the Viroqua Harvest Moon Celebration (I blogged about that experience here), the quilts were crafted by four groups of amazing, artistic, passionate women. The quilts represent weeks of creative collaborative work.

They also provide a bit of artistic parade fund-raising.

All four quilts are all being auctioned off in a silent auction at Ewetopia, our local yarn shop. All proceeds will go to support the future of the parade for years to come. For those of you with the means, will you join us? The starting bid is $200 on each quilt. The sale of these quilts will really help make the parade happen in the coming years. Considering the time that went into each, that's a steal for starting bids. LuSa Organics bid on one to hang as art in our new production space. I'll let you know if we win!

As for sizes, a call to Ewetopia can answer your questions. Place a bid by phone (Ewetopia Fiber Shop: 608-637-3443) or email (info@ewetopiafibershop.com). Quilts will be delivered to the winning bidder in the coming weeks.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone.


P.S. In case you were wondering, I made the wren (bottom left) and bluebird on prayer flags (top right) on the bird quilt.



13 thoughts on “A Quilt Auction.

  1. Michelle Redmond says:

    I am so in love with the Birds quilt. Anything with Owls on it…
    Unfortunately, we spend that much on food for over half a month and we are tight even then (We live in an urban area, for now). I will just keep wishing and hope it goes to a loving home. 🙂

  2. Noel Bennetto says:

    Thank you so much Rachel!! I really appreciate your posts about our work with the Viroqua Harvest Parade and Celebration, you’re great. XO

  3. Pamela R says:

    Beautiful work. How fun to be a part of such a wonderful community project. By the way, I bet I know which one you bid on! 🙂

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