Finding Our Rhythm: Autumn.





It's that time again. The leaves are on the ground. We've changed out the clothes in our drawers and the activities on the calendar. All of our school friends have been back to school long enough that our own rhythm is setting in. And it feels amazing. Like that fire in the wood stove.

Here is what has changed with our seasonal rhythm:

1. Quiet time has been transformed. Thanks to some wise words in comments here (See – you inspire me!) I've shifted quite time from a prison sentence to a half-hour of so of "Mama-needs-a-break". And they get it. They chill. We even hang out together sometimes. I knit, they read or play quietly, we unwind our day.

2. House Blessing. After quiet time we work together to clean one room (or 'area') per day. The kids use to resist this but now… they love it. Love it I tell you. (Yes, really.) They can't wait. Sage did the math on how many days we have chores for and realized there was a day off. "Can we just polish furniture that day, mama?" Um, okay.

I let them choose how they participate and they just roll. The big fluffy feather dusters my mom gave us and the many vacuum attachments don't hurt either. We dust. We polish. We organize. I can't explain it. They freaking love it. I think a big part is because it is to make their space beautiful (who doesn't appreciate that?) and because I don't force them to do tasks they don't like. If the two of them spend 20 minutes polishing the coffee table with homemade furniture polish I'm okay with that. If they need to take all of the pictures off the wall to dust them with a single ostrich feather from Pete's fly tying supplies, go for it. (That was yesterday's turn of events.) Keep it fun and they'll dive in.

3. Chapter and Tea: We're back with the book. We took summer off but are back on the couch again. How I love this ritual. It is one of my favorite parts of the day.

4. The computer is OFF. This one is huge. I have started switching the computer off all day long. I boot up once mid day and after bedtime and that's it. Ta da! I love it. (So do they.) Our mindful, connective, present time is expanding in every direction.

5. Outside time. I don't want to slack on this right now. If we're out constantly out in summer and get sloppy in the fall, then winter will be misery. I chase them out each day late afternoon and then do some work of my own. Then I join them and find the joy in play out in the freshness with them. Their play has been inspired – by the season, by the leftovers in the garden, by their spirits.

6. Early to Bed. I've revisited a more solid rhythm in every part of our day, including a more stable, fall-like bedtime. (Summer has quite an effect on us, dragging bedtime out until it's later than I wish.) They are asleep early, and so am I. Win-win.

And all of these changes? We love. Deeply and honestly. Life feels balanced right now, and I'm enjoying every aspect of my day. Finding the gratitude in all that is right.


11 thoughts on “Finding Our Rhythm: Autumn.

  1. kate says:

    Sounds like a perfect way to spend a day. I am happy to have earlier and consistent bedtimes for my boys as the dark settles down around us earlier. I think that sets our days. I am inspired to tackle the room cleaning one room a day and hope they may pitch in…our new home has more rooms than my last home and while the space has really taken some stress off our living I am a bit afraid of the cleaning challenges.

  2. Luisa says:

    Sounds like a good rhythm. This is our second year of homeschooling all 5 kids and I love that this year we actually have a rhythm to fall into. I love the mom break time instead of prison time. I have had the same problem.

  3. Michelle says:

    I love the rhythm of fall too. I think it is important for us to “live with the seasons”. It is grounding to me. I agree that outside time is so important. So important. Fresh air is good for the spirit.

  4. Danielle Grabiel says:

    It’s so interesting this parenting thing. Constant discoveries of the most basic, but transforming kind. I just discovered the best way to get my kids to eat the foods that are healthiest for them is to offer them first at mealtimes…as serving food in courses. This is so obvious now that I can’t believe I didn’t do it before. Duh. Your house cleaning comments reminded me of that. It’s not about how much they actually clean, it’s about the fact that they are participating in taking care of their home and their belongings thereby gaining appreciation for these things and for mindful work.

  5. Maekellan says:

    As a Mama, I hear you on the “mama needs a rest” thing. Just some quiet in the day where just for a short time there is silence! After lunch I let my children know that mama needs a rest. They can play quietly but I would like some time for myself to just be!

  6. Mousy Brown says:

    we have lost our rhythm here at the moment but today marks the end of this half term and I am planning a week of deep breathing, centreing and putting some plans in place to get us back on track….I think re-reading this post might be added to my list for inspiration! Thanks xx

  7. Rachel Wolf says:

    We very much tossed the rhythm aside when the late summer crashed into us. It feels so good (stable even) to find it again. Blessings on your journey back to center.

  8. renee ~ heirloom seasons says:

    We have our cozy story time everyday too, but my girls positions on the couch switches, cause they take turns sitting with the cats (who have their own side of the couch…)
    I see you were reading Ethel Cook Eliot… The House Above the Trees is wonderful!
    And computer off during the day is so good.
    Lovely autumn post!

  9. Marlo says:

    This is a good reminder that I need to actually turn off the computer, not just step away from it. Now that the weather is nice again, we can head outside constantly. The summer is just too humid for my wee ones, but mid 70s – here I come! Thanks for being so inspiring and giving us a glimpse of the Midwest. Makes me miss my childhood home a little less.

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