Repeat After Me: “Money Flows Effortlessly Into My Life.”







I didn't grow up learning the Law of Attraction. I didn't grow up hearing – or believing – that the things I most desire will come easily to me. To be honest, I heard my wonderful father say "Life isn't fair!" more times than I care to count and "The universe will provide." exactly zero times. But someone I ended up here, believing that we can manifest whatever we want.

Sage likes to save money. He likes the experience of earning and putting away money, knowing that someday he will be able to buy a horse (or a 4-wheeler. Ahem.). So he keeps tucking away money. A couple of weeks ago he asked me if I had any ideas for how he could earn some cash. We threw around a few ideas, but this brainstorming session went like many of the others with him wanting to build a small foundry in our backyard. We paused.

Fast-forward to Lupine's birthday. We dyed silks. We had a blast. Especially Sage. He loved it, getting artsy and wanting to do more and more and more. That night in bed he and I talked about how cool it would be if he sold silks. Fun to make, and you earn money! He loved it. By the next morning he was back on the foundary idea ("I could make marbles!") by the time I reminded him of the silks. Hmmm… The silks. He pondered it.

I wrote a quick Facebook post seeing if there was adequate interest and between my personal page and my blog page we had almost a dozen potential customers. Sage was ready. He named his business ("Magical" Play Silks, and as he dictated the name he raised two fingers on each of his hands making dramatic quotation marks in the air for "Magical" – not wanting to mislead anyone), he looked into cost-of-goods, chose colors to offer and set prices. He and I wrote a little ad that went onto the two Facebook pages again, and within two hours he pre-sold over $200 worth of silks.

He was exstatic.

"This is SO fun," he exclaimed! "And I haven't even gotten any money yet!"

Today we spent a good bit of the afternoon dying silks in the basement then rinsing them and hanging them to dry on the line. His hands are blue, and his cheeks hurt from smiling. Tomorrow he's gearing up for folding 30 silks, then doing some math and writing (two of his more challenging homeschooling subjects) as he determines amout due on each order and addresses the many packages. But he's amped. He's ready to give it a go.

And I'm beaming for him. The first time Sage set out to make money he was four. He borrowed a cheese grater and a few scrap bars of my soap. He made "sachets" and sold them at farmer's market. He had $24 in his pocket in two hours. At four. Knowing that money flows effortlessly into our hands is a gift. Sage has that gift. And I feel honored to learn this lesson right along side him.

To be paid to do what we love. Isn't this what we all desire, and what some have joyfully achieved?

Life is fair. Life is magical. What are you manifesting?

6 thoughts on “Repeat After Me: “Money Flows Effortlessly Into My Life.”

  1. navine says:

    That is a gift indeed. I love reading your blog especially since we have begun to homeschool our 4 and 2 year olds…your blog is such an inspiration. Thanks

  2. Anon says:

    I wonder how many folks know about the Law of Attraction. I struggle with “is it real or not?” but like to hope that it is real. Can you tell us more about how you went down the path to learning about it?

  3. Taisa says:

    This is so inspiring. I’ve been thinking a lot about the messages we send our kiddos about themselves and the world- reminding myself to tell my kids how wonderful, strong, and healthy they are today- and that the universe provides! Thanks for sharing. Yay Sage!

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