Welcome November Sponsors!


A warm welcome to our November sponsors, both new and old. There is some great talent here. Take a peek at their shops if you haven't done so already!

LuSa Organics – my own organic body care line

Life Without Plastic – glass and stainless products for your home

Rebourne – recycled and green handmade gear for mother and baby

Aurora Shoes – handmade leather shoes

WaldorfMama – knitting and Waldorf inspiration from a mama of my own heart

Sparkle Stories – Audio stories for children and families

Dental Essentials – supplements for a cavity free childhood

Tattler – Reusable BPA-free canning jar lids (the only ones I use anymore)

Gypsy Forest – Handmade, heirloom quality, modern design

Simple Loving Family – Natural, homemade, eco-friendly gifts

Finns and Flowers – Handmade toys from Maine

The Wood Garden – natural, handcrafted wooden toys and dishes

Green Pastures – high quality, sacred-food oils


If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, please drop me a note! rachel@lusaorganics.com I would love to have you.

One thought on “Welcome November Sponsors!

  1. Trish says:

    So glad I saw this list – our simple wooden dishes for solstice gifts are coming courtesy of The Wood Garden. And they’re local to me! Very happy to have found someone close to make something I can’t for my kids!

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